Call Recorder Apk

Version v3.7.2
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer Tap-Mobile
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Call recorder is a simple app in which users can record calls, voice notes and memos. It is an android application which is available for all Android devices. In this app, you can record your calls and voice notes without any problem. There are dozens of features available in this simple app which you can access without any money. It is a well known recording app that has more than 50M downloaders.

This app has multiple benefits that we will discuss in this article. This call recording application was created for those devices in which users don't get a built in recorder. There are many Samsung devices in which built-in call recorders are not available so those people can download call recorder APK in order to record important calls and voice messages.

What is meant by call recorder apk

Call recorder APK is a useful application for those people who want to record calls without any limitation. This application is designed with all those features which a person can demand. Whether the call is outgoing or ingoing, this application will record all your calls. If you set the auto call recorder then all your calls will be recorded automatically. User interface of this application is very simple and accessible.

Due to regular updates, users never face any kind of lag and bugs while using this app. This application has quality features for you and that's why it has millions of active users around the world. Without telling anyone you can record their calls and save them in your device's cloud. Users can record their calls and voice messages in high quality. If you don't want to record calls then you will simply go to the setting and disable the call recording option.

What are the features of call recorder apk

Record calls

It is a very excellent application in which there is no time limitation, that means a person can record long calls without any problem. You can enable or disable the recorder anytime you want. Besides recording calls, you can also use this application to record voice messages.

Private mode

If you want to hide your recorded calls from your friends and family members then you can use the private mode of this app. Private mode is a very unique feature in which you can lock your recorded calls and voice messages. In this mode, you will set a password so that nobody can open your recorded calls without the password.

Play your recorded calls

When you complete recording calls, you can play these calls anytime you want. All your recorded calls will be available in the call recorder APK's folder. Whenever you want to listen to recorded calls you will open the folder and click on the play button.

Delete calls anytime

There is another option in this app that is deleting your calls. In this you can also rename recorded calls or you can simply delete them.

Create special list

It is a fantastic feature of this app because it makes your call recording more easy and simple. Now you can create a special list in which you can add two numbers. This app will record the calls of these two special numbers only.

Buy pro features

If you are looking for better options than you can buy the VIP features of this app. In VIP features you will get some extra benefits such as adding recorded calls in your favorites, you can create a special list etc.

What's new in call recorder apk

No bugs issues

Developers recently updated the user interface of this app. Some minor bugs that were disturbing a user have been resolved successfully. Now you can again enjoy the features of this app peacefully.

Improved operating system

There were some problems in the operating system of this app but it has resolved now in the latest upgrade. Users can operate this app without any disruptions.

New updates

The latest update has added some new features in this app. Now you can edit the call recordings and also change their names. Also you can directly share these recordings with others using social media accounts.

Why get call recorder apk

You can download call recorder APK if you want a secure recording app. There is no money required to download this app because it's free.


Call recorder apk is an excellent app that can fulfill users requirements. Download the latest apk version of this app from our site and enjoy lots of interesting features for free.


Q. From where I can download call recorder APK?

You can download this app via the play store.

Q. How to get premium features of a call recorder apk?

If you are interested in the premium version of this app then you have to spend money on purchasing.


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