CamScanner Apk

Version v6.16.0.2204270000
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer CamSoft Information
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Camscanner APK is the world’s most popular scanning app with more than 500 million downloads in more than two hundred countries all across the globe and is supported in all types and brands of devices. this is a multi-features powerful application.

In this modernized age, everyone wants to be digital in every aspect. It was then when people use to keep all their important document files racked in draws and shelves. But now everyone keeps all the important documents in a soft form on their mobiles and laptops. This application makes it even more convenient to keep these files as it encloses all the important documents in it by scanning them and saving them in different file formats.

This application allows the users to scan documents, and save and share documents in different formats. File formats supported by the app include JPG, PDF, TXT, Word, docs, doc, and many others. This app summarizes all the important office documents of different formats to keep them in your pocket.

Features of CamScanner APK

Millions of users and popularity across 200 countries guarantee a long list of features for this app. Some of its most noticeable features are discussed here.

Smart Scanning & Digitizing App

Usually one has to use a Scanning machine to scan hard copy data and convert it into soft form. But with the CamScanner apk, you don't need a scanning machine anymore. You can scan all your hard copy and paper documents and can save them into soft form. So change your invoices, notes, receipts, electricity & utility bills, business cards, visiting cards, office documents and all other hard form paper documents into soft form. The autofocus function focuses and scans all the text on the paper very clearly.  This app allows you to save scanned data into different file formats. You can save your scanned documents into images, JPG format, PDF file, TXT format, Word format and many other file formats.

High Quality of Documents

This app not just scans the hard form documents but also saves them in high quality. It provides perfect graphics and colors for your scanned documents to save them with high quality.

Multiple Supported Formats

This app supports a number of file formats so that users can scan, save, edit and share documents of a variety of formats according to their needs. The supported file formats in which you can save, edit or share your documents include images, PDF, JPG, TXT, Word, Docs, Doc and many other file formats.

Easy Editing

This app not just scans or save the files but also allows you to edit different files of various formats. You can bring basic editing effects to your documents to make minor changes.

Watermark Customization

This app put the app name as a watermark on the scanned or edited document. You can customize this watermark and replace it with any other watermark to show your belongings to the file or you can remove the watermark to save the documents without any watermark.

Easy Sharing

Share your documents from the CamScanner app directly on a variety of file-sharing platforms. You can directly share documents from Camscanner easy sharing, on Whatsapp, Messenger, Bluetooth, Email and all other sharing apps available on your device.

Fax & Printing

This app is much more than a scanner. You can print any of your documents without connecting your mobile or device to the printer. The wireless printing feature of the app allows its user remote printing. They can print their documents from any nearby printer by searching the nearby available printing devices. The best part of this remote printing is that it does not require installing any additional file app or drive. With the fax feature, you can fax your important document to 30 countries around the globe.

Easy to Extract Text

This feature of the app enables the users to extract text from different sorts of documents. This feature easily scans the documents e.g. PDF, images, etc and extracts text from these documents. You can use this text in any text file e.g. Word file or can paste this text on your notepad to use it later. 

Quick & Easy Search

With plenty of convenient features of this app, this is another feature in the list that helps you to locate your desired file more quickly and easily. You can find all the documents format-wise. For example images, documents, PDF documents, and TXT <!-- >

documents can be accessed from their respective category icons.

Password Protection

The basic reason behind the success of this app is that it keeps all the data of its users very confidential. You can keep all your important documents and files very confidential and secure behind a password to avoid others to access these files.


This app is compatible with all Android devices as well as iOS devices including iPad, and iPhones with a higher than 2.3 version.

Download & Installation

iOS users can grab the app from the official app store of apple while Android users can download this Camscanner from Play Store as well as from this page. If you are an Android user then click on the download button now to get the world’s most popular and trusted scanning app.

After downloading the app file, open the security menu of the main setting on your Android device. Allow app installation from third parties sources. Locate and open the downloaded file of

this app. Click on the install button to complete the installation of this app.


If you are an android user and doing a lot to manage office documents in paper form as well as files of different soft formats with plenty of folders and apps, then get rid of all those rubbish and put all your documents into your pocket with this amazing Android application.

 Scan all your paperwork documents and convert them into soft format files. Create, save, edit and manage files of all popular file formats. Keep all your data secure and confidential with password-protected cam scanner storage. So what are you waiting for, grab the app now?


Q. Can I Update Camscanner from the Play Store?

Yes, you can update the app from the Play store even if you download it from anywhere.

Q. Can reset & recover my Password for CamScanner?

Yes, you can recover and reset your app password via recovery mail provided during registration on the app.


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