Google Dialer Apk

Version v96.0.499579918-go
Android Version Android 6.0+
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer Google LLC
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Spam calls are very common these days and it is very disturbing. In order to get rid of these time calls there are many applications available on Google. But most of them are not authentic and secure but don't worry because now we have a most secure application for you. Name of this application is Google dialer Apk. It is now officially available on the Google play store and users can download this application for free.

Now you can enjoy phone calls with your friends and family members with complete spam protection. Once you download this application then you will get many useful features. In this article we will try our best to cover all the premium as well as standard features of this app. All you have to do is to read the article till the end. First of all this application is available not only in the play store but many other websites. Users can get this app without spending money.

What is meant by Google dialer apk

Google dialer APK is a kind of tool which protects your device from spams. Say goodbye to all those spam calls which always disturb you.  Because now you will get the complete information about a person who is calling you. This application is designed with simple techniques but it has really awesome features.


If there is an unknown number calling you then without picking up the call, you can get the information. This application comes with a caller ID feature. It is a highly effective feature of this app. Moreover this application is very light in weight that means you don't need to make extra space to download this app. If you want to save your mobile battery then you can turn on the dark mode. The dark mode of this app will not consume the battery of your device and it also protects your eyes from sharp colors.

What are the features of Google dialer apk

Lightweight interface

If you want to download this application then your mobile must have 53MB space in your mobile. The user interface of this application is very elegant. The optimization of this app is very awesome and it does not contain any bugs. Because of its simple and impressive design this app has one billion plus downloads.

Dark mode

Usually the app comes in its default mode but not everybody likes it. That's why the developers have added dark mode in this app. You can enable the dark mode feature anytime you want. The dark mode does not consume battery and it also gives a premium look to your device.

Free access on UI

Billions of people around the world use this application to manage their phone calls. People use this app not just because it has an impressive user interface but also it does not demand any money. You can use every single feature of this application without spending a single penny.

Get rid of spammers

Most people rely on this application in order to get rid of the scam calls. Spam calls are very disturbing and irritating but now you can avoid these spam calls without any hassle.

Search nearby places

If you have this amazing tool in your device then you can also search nearby places. All you have to do is to click on the search engine of this application and then type the name of the place.

Video call

Another spectacular feature is that you cannot only enjoy voice calls but you can also do video chat with your friends and family members. In addition users can also add more than one person in their video calls.

What's new in Google dialer apk

Updated version

If you are looking for the updated version of this application then you must visit our website where the latest apk file is now available for free. In the updated version, you will experience lag-free user interface.

Security updates

This application was recently updated on 5 Jan. In the latest updates the security has been improved.

Improved Ui

Another amazing feature has been added in this app that is a call screening. In this feature, if there is a robo call then your device will not ring.

Why get Google dialer apk

You can download this application because it is highly safe and secure and also a protected device from spam calls.


Don't need to face any spam call issue because now you have found a perfect solution. Now go to our website and download this application right now.


Q. Is there any feature which requires money in Google dialer apk?

No, in this application all features are free and users can access them anytime without any subscription.

Q. Can I download Google dialer apk for free?

Yes, this application is totally free.


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