Google Play Market

Version v22.7.11
Android Version Android 2.3
Category Tools and system
Languages English / Russian
Developer Google Inc
97.44% (586 Ratings)



Google Play Market is the most popular store to download games and apps in android devices. It only deals with android apps and games. You can only download android games and apps in this play store. User can easily search for any game and app which he wants to install in the device or tablet.

There are millions of apps and games available. Some of the apps and games are paid and rest of them are free to download. It regularly checks the device and apps from harmful activities. It runs built-in antivirus to scan the apps and games. It will send notifications about harmful activities.

It has Play Protect Service feature which is very useful for android users. User can easily locate the lost phone with find my device feature. Play Protect Service feature will help to locate the lost phone. Every game and app is fully categorized in this play store.

It is a pre-installed store in every android device. It manages all the installed apps in device. It regularly checks the updates of installed apps. The store is now more categorized. You can search for paid apps easily and for top free apps and games as well. Android user can easily update the google play store with this Apk file.

Users can update apps via this play store easily. It sends notification about the apps and games when their updates arrive. It shows the perfect rating of every app and game. It also displays the size of the game and app so you can clean up some space before downloading.

This store is also available in dark mode. It has dark mode feature for better experience. This play store is optimized for every android device and there is no any virus in this Apk. Download the Apk and update existing play store.


Q. Can I download the Apk of this app?

Yes! You can download the Apk of google play market in your device. Google play store is a pre-installed app in every android device. You can update it to the latest version with the help of this Apk. Download from our website easily.

Q. Can I update my apps with the help of Google play market?

Yes, absolutely! You can easily update your apps and game with the help of Google play market. It regularly checks the update of installed apps in device and send notifications about updates.

Q. Can I download mod apps and game from google play market?

No! You cannot download mod version of apps and games from this market. It is an official store of android and there is no any mod app and game available in this play store. You can download mod version of games and apps in the form of Apk.

Q. Is it safe to download the Apk of Google play market?

It is completely safe to download the Apk of google play market from our website. The file is fully scanned from all the viruses and it is official version of the store. Download the Apk and update the google play store in your android device.


Google Play MarketGoogle Play MarketGoogle Play MarketGoogle Play Market



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