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Version v2.35
Android Version 5.0 and up
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The best tool for Android-based computers, GPS Emulator, sets a Fake GPS position using the current location of your phone. Using your current GPS data, the software fabricates a location. With the use of this software, you may move your phone anywhere in the world, and all your phone's apps, including Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, and many more, will receive your fictitious location information. Any app's name is merely an illustration; most apps operate in the same manner. You can avoid using the maps widget with precise position coordinates in this manner.

Nobody will know your true location if you use this application. Be cautious when using it because it works with most of the apps you have on your phone. On top of a mountain or inside of a shopping centre, you can set a false GPS location. It shifts the temporary location of your device, impersonating a GPS, to any other location in the world. Any other time zone can be synchronized with your time.

In general, this app is an emulator for PC that can be used to fake the device's location. The device location can be modified together with the 3G/2G/GPS area. Please refrain from using the developer version for nefarious activities. Tell your pals where you are with the help of our effective location status application. In this manner, your location won't be disclosed if the app is compromised by a hostile attacker.

Features of GPS Emulator APK

Simply Change GPS

The feature of this app is simple to use and allows users to easily modify the device's GPS. With a brand-new GPS, players can easily do location searches and carry out many other tasks. The user must do several necessary actions, including unlocking the device's developer mode, to enable the application's feature.

Use the APP in open Developer Mode

You must enable developer mode to use this app feature. Users merely need to tap on the build number a predetermined number of times to find it in the general information of the application. The player must input a password to complete the unlocking process before the active developer mode information is sent. You will choose the imitation location item and the application's icon to enter this mode.

Select the location you want

When everything is finished, the user can begin using this app features, and they will see a perfectly user-friendly interface when doing so. Anyone won't have too much trouble using it because of how similar the UI is to Google Maps. They will simultaneously be able to easily search for locations throughout the globe to build a phoney GPS, and this search is carried out in many ways.

Perform a small search

In the GPS Emulator, players can see a circle that can move about on the accessible map and be used to pinpoint a certain position. If you already have a favourite location, use the phoney GPS associated with it to perform your desired actions. Users must enter a keyword into the application's crucial search feature to rapidly find the location they're looking for.

Use the APP History to search

It will be saved each time the user uses the application to look up a location or take any other action. Users can enter the history area to view the locations they've been looking for, and you can be sure that it will be a large list that is always growing over time. Additionally, there are methods for searching more quickly than this function, yet people frequently find entire information by using history.

Location you Love

Users will likely have preconceived notions about locales when they employ them as phoney GPS locations. Users should use the favourites function to store these locations because they will be used frequently. Like history, users will visit a list, albeit in smaller numbers, and since these are locations that interest them, it will be quicker to reach rather than manually scanning the map.

Quickly Remove Ads

The advertisements may occasionally show up when users are using the application and disturb them. Since these advertisements upgrade the application to the PRO version, the application also includes the functionality of eliminating them. You won't be harassed by unrelated content after that. Additionally, the user experience of the program is improved, making it simpler for users to locate certain locations on the provided map.

Quick Review

This app allows global phone movement. It fakes your GPS position, so other apps think you're there.

This fake GPS changes your location and altitude. Change the precision and get the bogus position's real-time location.

Regular, satellite, and terrain maps exist. Google Play Location Services can also have bogus GPS locations injected.

This software is for developer testing, not game cheating.

We're offering 2.28. This is the best version. It works with many devices. Free Google Play Store or our version apk download. Anonymous, non-registered downloading is available.

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It may be helpful to know if the Google App Store has geographical or device-specific restrictions.

Download & Install GPS Emulator APK

GPS Emulator has grown to be one of the most well-known GPS fake apps on Google Play thanks to its reputation for being reliable and user-friendly. To use when the fake GPS is required, install GPS Emulator. The tool is always helpful in all circumstances because it is free, takes up no space, is secure, and creates reliable fake locations for most websites.


With its straightforward yet functional user interface, this app has gained significant popularity. Two of the best ways to install a GPS Emulator on a Windows laptop are described. Both emulators are well-liked for PC app use. To obtain this app for a Windows 10 computer, use one of these techniques.


Q. What does GPS Emulator accomplish?

This app makes it simple to modify the position of your Android device. It's a simple technique to have your gadget look to be somewhere it isn't.

Q. How can I modify the emulator's current location?

Run your Android emulator first, then hit the three dots next to the choices. Change the coordinates based on your location by selecting Location in the left pane. When you click the Send button, the changes become effective right away.


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