Panda GamePad Pro Apk

Version v1.6.8
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer Panda Gaming Studio
99.41% (509 Ratings)



 Panda GamePad Pro is an android mobile application which is mainly designed to transform your android smartphone or device into a wonderful gaming controller for your PC or laptop. It means that by using your phone as a controller, you can play the games on pc with much fun and exciting features.

This app allows the smartphone users to connect their phones to the computers, then they can easily use their smartphones as gamepads, just because of the Panda GamePad Pro APK. Panda GamePad Pro enhances the gaming experience by providing an intuitive interface.

What is meant by Panda GamePad Pro APK?

Using a mouse and keyboard for playing games on a computer or laptop has become boring now and people want something new and exciting. Panda GamePad Pro APK is an Android application which turns your mobile phone into a gamepad. Through this gamepad, you can control the games on your PC. You can control all the options, buttons and movements in the game with your phone. It allows you several connections between phone and pc such as USB, Bluetooth, wireless connections, wire etc.

What are the best features of Panda GamePad Pro APK?

Real remote controller

The main function of the Panda GamePad Pro APK is remote controlling. This application transforms your smartphone into a gamepad, allowing you to control all the features of the game on your PC as if using a physical gamepad.

Customizable controlling

As this application provides you with several control options, including swiping buttons, pressing buttons, and various others, you can customize them. Utilize the customizable control option to add your preferred settings for added convenience.

Various games compatibility

This application is not only compatible with the action and fighting games, but it has a wide range of compatibility with several Android, PC and Mac OS games. All the games are available here. You can select anyone and can play just like a pro.

Intuitive interface

To avoid any difficulty and confusion for the users, Panda GamePad Pro APK has a user-friendly interface which can be understood by anyone. It is very easy to use. You just have to select the required game and make the required connections.

Multiplayer gaming

Panda GamePad Pro allows you to make multiple connections. It means that you can do multiplayer gaming at once. If there is a group of friends and family members and they want to have a competition between them, choose Panda GamePad Pro and make connections simultaneously.

Quick responsive controls

It improves the overall gaming experience for the users. It provides quick responses and controls. The gaming has become very smooth and entertaining. You will not feel any game glitch or poor performance.

Updates regularly

To have the best function of any application, there should be regular updates in it. Panda GamePad Pro has frequent updates that improves its overall working and compatibility with different games and devices.

What's new in Panda GamePad Pro APK?

Mouse controlling

Panda GamePad Pro APK now enables you to control the computer mouse cursor. This is a new feature, expanding its functionality. Previously, the app allowed you to use your smartphone as a gamepad, but now it provides the added capability to control various options on your PC through mouse input.

Premium features

There are some premium features for the Panda GamePad Pro APK. It has some new options for games that are unique. You can get them by the required payments. There are also different gamepad controlling options where you will experience new remote controlling through your phone.

Free of ban and ads

As this is the pro version of Panda GamePad, it is totally free of advertisements, promotions and risky banning of applications. You can use it with full privacy, security and reliability.

Why get Panda GamePad Pro APK?

Many people desire a gamepad, but don't own one. Panda GamePad Pro APK transforms your smartphone into a gamepad, allowing you to experience the genuine PlayStation and video gaming vibes. Explore a diverse range of games for an exciting and entertaining new gaming experience.


Don't miss the chance to experience PlayStation gaming from your phone. Download Panda GamePad Pro now and enjoy the exciting features provided by this app. Its ability to transform your smartphone into a gamepad bridges the gap between mobile and PC gaming. It is a user-friendly option for those seeking the best PC gaming experience. Search all the favorite games on it and also get new options.


Q. Is Panda GamePad Pro APK free to use ?

It is free to use but some variety of games are paid. You'll have to pay for the new purchases of games.

Q. Is there rooting required for the Panda GamePad Pro APK?

No, there is no need for a rooted device as it is totally compatible with the non rooted devices. It is easy and user friendly.


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