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Version v23.2.11-21 [0] [PR] 347100967
Android Version Android 4.1+
Category Tools and system
Languages English / portuguese
Developer Google LLC
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Nowadays, everyone has smart device in their pocket. There are two different operating software available which are Android and iOS. Most smart phone companies use android operating system because android is an open source platform. Every operating system has a unique and defined store from where people can download apps and games in their smart device. Android uses Google play store as their App store. Today, we will tell you the features of play store.

Play Store is also known as Google Play Store. It is a store in android devices from where people can download apps and games. Developers make games and apps on android platform and publish them on play store. You can download any latest and popular games from play store. Download social apps, utility apps, games and even more from play store. Play Store is a perfect store for your smart phone.

Play Store is available in all the android devices and it can also be downloaded easily from internet. You can download apps of wallpapers, fitness, social app, networking apps and even more. There are millions of apps and games available on google play store. Some apps and games are premium which can be downloaded with money. You can update your existing apps from play store, if the update of specific app or game is available. You can search for games and apps to find your required app or game.

Below are the features of Play Store.

Millions of Apps

Play Store is a house of apps and games. There are millions of apps available which you can download in your android device. These can be social, utility or any category. You can search for popular and latest apps. Most of the apps are free to download and use. Some apps are paid and you can download after buying them. Play store let you update your device’s apps for free. Apps are wisely categorized so that user can search the app from different categories.

Millions of Games

Play Store is a store where millions of games are available for free. Developers make games and publish them on play store. You can download your favorite games on your android device through play store. Most of the games are fully free of cost and can be downloaded easily. Some games are paid and will be available after purchase. You can download any game from play store. Play store has games of all categories such as adventure, action, arcade, fighting, racing, puzzle and even more.

Regular Updates

Play Store is a huge store by Google and it gets regular updates related to latest apps and games. You can search and download latest games and apps for free. You can even download the apps and games in the form of Beta. Get the latest version of apps and games from play store and enjoy. Play store regularly updates the latest and updated games. You can get recommendations based on your activities so that you can download the latest and updated apps and games according to your taste.

Play Protect

There are millions of apps and games available on play store and the best thing is that all the apps and games are completely secure. Play Store has play protect feature where it scans all the apps and games before publish. You can easily download any app and game without any virus of malware. All the apps and games are fully scanned on play store.

Optimized and More

Play Store is greatly optimized for all android versions and devices. It can be used on low-end android devices without any lag. It is fully optimized for better performance. The user interface is so clean and beautiful. User friendly interface enhances the user experience. It is totally free of cost app. The size of play store is so small and does not require much storage. Download play store now and install your favorite apps and games.


Q. What is the size of Play Store Apk?

It is a light weight app because the size of play store Apk is small. It only takes around 100 MB of storage in device. You can easily download this Apk without any storage issue.


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