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Version v6.5.3
Android Version Android 4.1+
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Nowadays it has become very easy to find an application through which you can root your devices. But also people are facing scams in the name of root checking apps. If you are also in search of a root checking application but don't want to get scammed then you can download root checker APK.

Root checker APK is a brilliant application that comes with lots of benefits. With this amazing application, you can discover lots of unique things inside your device. The user interface of this application is very elegant and it has many features that will surprise you. Unlike other route checking apps this application is very easy and simple to use. If you want a complete Access on all the features of this app then you must purchase the VIP features.

What is meant by root checker apk

Today we are here with an amazing application that is called root checker APK. Users can get the latest apk version of this app via Google play store. This application is not difficult to use. If you have this application then it will be very easy for you to know whether your device is completely rooted or not. This application has very simple methods which help you to root your device without any problem. Millions of people have downloaded this application because it gives quick services. You will get the notification whenever you open the application. These notifications will keep you updated regarding the superuser. For in depth information, read the article till the end.

What are the features of root checker apk

Easy to access

For some people, it not easy to root their devices and they always get confused. But it will not happen in root checker because it is very easy to understand. If you are a beginner and don't know how to root the device then it's ok because you will get complete guidelines.

In-app purchases are available

Some features of this application are premium that means user need good amount of money for in-app purchases. For each pro feature, you need 470Rs.

Get notifications

In this application, user will get notifications. These notifications will tell whether your device has rooted successfully or not. Everytime a person open the app, he will get new notifications and messages regarding the app.

Customisable features

Like other functions, it is also very popular feature of this application in which you can customise the text and other items of this application. You can set the alignment of features account to your desire.

Secure mode

Secure mode is a highly optimised feature of this application. This application is 100% safe for all the devices. Also it does not contain any region restrictions so anybody can use this brilliant app without any problem.

What's new in root checker apk

Free installation

User can install this app without spending their money and it is a great thing. Now you can enjoy lots of amazing features without spending a single rupee.

Better UI performance

It is the best application for the beginners because it has easy interface in which you can understand the functions properly. this app has elegant designs which never disappoint the users.

Fix bugs

In this application, user will get frequent updates. These update protects the interface and you will never face any bugs or lag while using the app.

Why get root checker apk

Not every person knows about rooting devices. Due to less knowledge, usually people get trapped and they accidentally download wrong applications. In order to protect you from any scam, we recommend you to download root checker APK because it is one of the most secure applications.

Method of downloading root checker apk

Users can easily get the link of this application via our website. You need to follow simple steps to download the app. All you have to do is to search the application on Google and then tap on our website. Get the link and download it without any hassle. In the last, you will open the devices folder and install the app.



Whether your device is rooted or not, you can get the 100% authentic response from root checker apk. This application sends you notifications which is very helpful in rooting the device. Thanks to Joeykrim because now you can easily root your devices and explore new things.


Q. Do I need money to download root checker apk?

No! This application is free to install. You only need money when you will go with the premium version.

Q. How to stop pop-up ads in root checker?

Whenever you open the app, you will get popup ads. If these ads are disturbing you then you can buy the VIP membership of this app in which you can permanently stop the ads.


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