S Secure APK

Version v5.0.10
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer Samsung R&D Institute India Noida
99.05% (524 Ratings)



Have you ever wondered how to keep your secret apps and information safe on your phone? Imagine having a tool that lets you lock away your private stuff with just a touch or a secret code. Well, say hello to S Secure APK! This cool app can hide your apps and their stuff so no one can snoop around. Let's go into knowing what makes S Secure APK so special and why you might want it for your phone.

What is S Secure APK?

Ever had apps on your phone that you don't want others to see? That's where S Secure APK comes in. It's like a dedicated lock for your secret apps. You can use a secret pattern, a number code, a password, or even your fingerprint to lock your apps. And guess what? The apps lock up by themselves when your phone's screen turns off. Don't worry, once you unlock them, they stay unlocked until the screen turns off again.

Best Features of S Secure APK

App Lock Choices

S Secure APK gives you lots of ways to lock your apps. You can use a pattern, a number code, a password, or even your fingerprint. It's like having your own secret key.

Locks by Itself

You know how you sometimes forget to lock your apps? No worries! When your phone's screen turns off, S Secure APK locks your apps for you. Easy peasy!

Stays Unlocked

Once you unlock your apps, they stay that way until the screen turns off again. So you don't have to keep unlocking them all the time.

Change How it Locks

You can make S Secure APK work just the way you like. You can choose how long it takes to lock the apps again or how long it waits before locking them when the screen is off.

Safe Photos and Videos

S Secure APK also helps hide your private photos and videos. They'll be safe from prying eyes!

Snap Intruders

If someone tries to get into your locked apps without your permission, S Secure APK takes a picture of them. You can see who's being nosy!

Fake Cover

You can even make a fake cover for your locked apps. It looks like a regular app, but it's just a trick to keep people away from your real locked apps.

Lock from Far Away

If your phone gets lost or taken, you can lock your apps from another device. That way, no one can mess with your stuff.

Quick Lock Switch

You can turn S Secure APK on or off super quick with a shortcut. It's like having a magic button for your privacy.

Fingerprint Magic

If your phone has a special fingerprint spot, you can use it to unlock your locked apps. It's like a secret handshake!

Hidden Mode

You can hide S Secure APK so no one even knows it's there. Sneaky, right?

Doesn't Eat Battery

S Secure APK is really smart with your phone's battery. It won't use up too much power, so your phone stays charged.

Keeps Getting Better

The people who made S Secure APK keep making it even cooler. They make updates to make it work even better and keep your stuff even safer.

Works for Many Phones

No matter what kind of phone you have, S Secure APK can help keep your stuff safe. It's like a superhero for all phones!

New Features in S Secure APK

Better Intruder Pictures

Now, S Secure APK takes more pictures of anyone trying to sneak into your locked apps. It's like having a camera guard!

Super Hidden Media

The secret photo and video vault in S Secure APK is even more secure now. Your private stuff will be safer than ever!

Cool Looks

You can pick different styles for S Secure APK. It's like giving your phone its own special outfit!

Lock Your Way

Now you can choose how each app locks. You can use different secret codes for different apps. How cool is that?

Emergency Lock

If you ever need to lock everything really fast, S Secure APK has a way to do it with just one tap. It's like a secret lockdown button!

Why Get S Secure APK?

If you want your apps and secrets to be safe, S Secure APK is the way to go. It's like having a guard for your apps, and you get to pick how that guard works. You can use your own special code or even your fingerprint. No more worrying about people snooping around your phone!

Final Words

S Secure APK is a sort of secret keeper for your apps. It's simple to use and keeps your private stuff really safe. With its cool features and new updates, you won't have to worry about anyone poking around your phone. So why wait? Keep your secrets safe with S Secure APK today by downloading it right now. How to download it? The link is given right below for your convenience.


Q. Can I use S Secure APK on more than one device?

Yes, you can use the S Secure APK on lots of different phones. Your secrets stay safe no matter where you are!

Q. What happens if I forget my secret code in S Secure APK?

No problem! S Secure APK has a way for you to get back in, even if you forget your code. Your secrets are always safe.


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