Terabox Apk

Version v3.7.2
Android Version 5.1 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer Flextech Inc.
98.84% (519 Ratings)



If your cell phones are running out of space and you want more space then we have a great app for you. This application is called Terabox APK. Terabox APK is a cloud storage app in which you will get 1024 Gb for free. This application is now available for all android and IOS devices. You can download this app from Google play store and it is completely free to install.

In this cloud storage app you can save your photos, videos , music and documents.  When you download this application you will get 1024 GB for free in which you can store anything you want. Thanks to this application because now without worrying about storage capacity you can backup all your important documents, photos etc. This application is highly safe and secure so you can use it without any trouble.

What is meant by terabox apk

Terra box APK is a simple storage app that gives you thousands GBs for free. This application contains advertisements and it also has in-app purchases. In-app Purchases are available for those who want to access VIP features of this app. If you buy the subscription of this application then you can also get rid of ads.

There are no restrictions on this app which means you can download multiple files for free. If you always preferred to download movies but now you don't have enough space then you can backup up to 300 movies in Terabox APK. Because of this app you can now improve the performance of your device by backing up the extra files and documents. If you don't have time to backup your photos then use auto backup features. With this feature, all your photos and videos will be backed up automatically.

What are the features of terabox apk

1024 GB for free

This cloud storage tool gives you the biggest opportunity to get free GBs for your device. If you are facing storage problems then don't worry and download Terabox APK. This app allows you to save your videos, movies, images and other documents without any hassle.

Backup your data

Using this app, you can improve the performance of your smartphones. If you want to backup your important items then must try this app because it gives large backup space. On this app, you can upload Up To 6k different files and documents.

Auto backup

If you are a busy person and don't have time to backup items individually then you can use the auto backup feature. It is a time saver feature because once you enable this option, all your files will backup automatically.

Easy searching

This application is full of wonderful features. On this cloud storage, you can easily search anything by its name or classifications.

Share your files

This application offers you another cool feature. On this app, you can share your files and content directly. No need to be worried about the safety because this app gives secure file Sharing features.

Free to download

Users can download this excellent application without spending any money. This app is available on different sites and you can download it for free of cost. You need money only when you will buy the vip tools of Terabox apk app.

What's new in terabox apk

Improved security

Security updates have made this app more safe. All the features are secure and you can also set a password in order to protect your backup from everyone.

Upgraded version

Here is the upgraded version of this app in which you will enjoy a new and advanced user interface.

Improved cleanup function

The latest updates are all about improving security and clean-up functioning. Cleanup function has been improved and you will now experience better performance.

Why get Terabox apk

If you want to save your memories permanently but unfortunately your device doesn't have enough storage then you can try Terabox APK. It is the world's most safe cloud storage app that gives you free services. Only the premium features of this app are paid. Must download this app if you want free and extra space in your phones.


The latest version of Terabox apk is 3.7.2 and is now available on our website. If you were looking for a cloud storage app with less space consumption then your wait is over now. Spend only 50.02MB and download Terabox apk for free.


Q. Can I set a password on Terabox apk?

Yes! If you want to secure your backups then you can set a 4 digit password.

Q. How to get rid of ads in Terabox apk?

If you want to get rid of pop-ups then we suggest you buy the premium version of this app. In pro features, you can disable advertisements and use UI without any disturbance.


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