Vanced Manager Apk

Version v2.6.2
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Tools and system
Languages English
Developer Team Vanced
98.67% (528 Ratings)



Vanced Manager Apk is an assistive app for the users of ‘Youtube Vanced’. This app helps you to download, install, update or manage ‘Youtube Vanced’.

If you are unfamiliar with Youtube Vanced then must know that is a rejigged version of youtube that allows you to do all those things that you can’t enjoy on the official app of youtube. For instance, you can download youtube videos in your desired format, can try different themes for the in-app interface, can try different languages, block all the commercial ads on youtube and have plenty more features that you won’t get in the official youtube app.

But Youtube Vanced is not an official version and is not available on app stores. The only way to get this Vanced version of Youtube is through third-party sites which are always annoying to grab desired content. You have to face plenty of ads and have to go through plenty of pages to find Youtube Vanced apk for download.

 This app actually gives you a smart and easy way to download and manage Youtube Vanced. This managing app will give you buttons, one for downloading and the other for updating the Youtube Vanced. 

What is Vanced Manager APK?

This app is actually a straightforward way to download, install and update Vanced apps including Youtube Vanced, Vanced music, and Vanced MicroG. This app also notifies you of all of the updates and upgradation of the app from the developer.


This app is basically a management app for another app, but still, it offers a variety of managing features that enable this app to manage Youtube Vanced perfectly.

Easy Installation Process

Vanced apps are gathering huge popularity among android users and are attracting thousands of new users each day. The basic problem that users usually face is the download process. Because Vanced apps are launched as Apk files on third-party sites. The user goes to grab the desired Vanced Apk file but has to face a lot of ads on those third-party sites.

Moreover, those sites redirect you from one page to another and waste a lot of time and internet MBs. But if you have this managing app then you can get all your Vanced Apks from one place, because this app gives an easy one-tap installation process to get Youtube Vanced, MicroG or other Vanced apps.

Install all Vanced Apps

Vanced apps are getting popular and the Vanced team is working to introduce more and more apps. Currently, this app offers you to get Youtube Vanced, Youtube Music Vanced, Vanced MicroG & other Vanced apps from here.

Updates from Developers

This app informs you about the latest updates from developers of Vanced apps so that you could update your pre-installed Vanced apps to the latest version as well as get information about new upcoming Vanced apps.

Push notifications keep you up to date with direct updates and messages from developers of apps.

Themes & Colours

This app automatically detects the theme of your system and set the theme according to the system theme. You can also choose dark mode if you are using it at night or can go for a light theme if you are using it during day time.

You can try different in-app theme colours to beautify the interface. Available colours include Red, Green, Blue, & Yellow.

The interface of the App

This app comes with nicely poised material, all the content is arranged properly, and the app works fluently.

Update Channel of Your Choice

This app allows you to define an update channel. You can go for a customized URL of your choice to get updates as well as get updates from the official update channel. As for as developers suggest, one must go with the official channel.

Compatible with Rooted & Unrooted Devices

If you are worried that your device is unrooted and you will be unable to download it, then don’t worry as the app is for rooted as well as unrooted devices. So all you need is a smartphone or tablet and an internet connection to grab and use this app. This app is not compatible with iOS devices worthy of Apple’s own privacy rules.

Privacy and Security

This app is a third-party product and is not featured in the Apple store, Play store or any other official app store. Though a huge amount of users getting attracted to this app still you have to get it at your own risk.

Free to download

This app is not available on the play store, but you can get this assistive app from this page to avail yourself of easy access to all Vanced apps and developers' updates.

Download & Installtion

To download this app, just make tap on the dedicated download button given in the article to get things going. The download process from this site is just a tap-on download button and nothing else. The download will take just a few seconds due to the very small size of around 5 MB.

After downloading the apk file, go to your device setting and allow the unknown source permission as this app is a third-party product and needs unknown source permission on a device. After allowing the third-party permission, go to the download menu and open the file that you have just downloaded and set up the installation of this app on your android device with a tap on the install button.


This Vanced Manager app is an excellent way to get straightforward access to all Vanced apps including Youtube Vanced, Music Vanced MarkG and other Vanced apps. Moreover, this app keeps you updated about Vanced apps with direct messages and notifications from developers. You can customize the theme as well as update the channel of this app. So get this app now to enjoy the unlimited features of Vanced apps.


Q. Is this app legal to use?

Yes, this app is legal to download & use because it is just a pathway to other vanced apps and nothing else.

Q. Are APK files safe for Devices?

These are just rumours & nothing else because APK files are totally secure and are being used by millions of users around the world.


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