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This is a very assistive educational & geography tool that helps to explore the map of earth more closely and conveniently. This app is not just a location view as you do find on Google Maps or any other map application but also give you detailed description with aerial images & videos, satellite images, and street views. 

In ancient days, traveling was never easy. One had to carry different papered maps, compass for directions, and also have to inquire from locals to reach a specific destination. Moreover, we don’t have anything to observe the whole world except some paper maps of the earth.

But modernization in technology has brought us to this advanced era where satellites, online locations, digital maps assisting to direct you to reach a destination and plenty of more assistive not just made traveling easy but also broadened the way to observe the world.

Here we also come with such assistive application the ‘Google Earth Apk ‘which not just provides a simple map of planet earth but also allows us to deep dive into earth’s map. It is a Google product and gets assisted by google Maps & satellite to provide the user with a more detailed and descriptive view of the world.

It shows the map of the world to find different locations, and directions to a destination in 3D graphics which has 3D visuals and a view of areas, streets, buildings, etc. It uses aerial images, satellite captures, and google map assists to show a very detailed view of the world.

Features of Google Earth

The app which is covering the whole earth’s map and providing a 3D experience to view the world with 360 perspectives, must be highly rich in terms of features. So let’s find out together some of the most wonderful features of this educational, information, & educational app.

Keep Your Hands on the Whole Earth

With this app you have the whole planet earth in your hand, you can explore any part of the world, can know about all famous places and points in any particular area of the world, watch the 3D view of buildings & streets, and look into your home in a 360 angle with a 3D result with this amazing app.

360 Degree 3D Panoramas

The app allows the users to rotate the map and visuals to watch them in 360 degrees to observe all the details about the area or a specific location. Moreover, the app comes with a 3D panorama which gives a 3D view of the whole world, buildings, streets and all other visuals. Compete 3D infrastructure of more than 100 top cities in the world has been introduced by the app to give a complete description and mapping of those cities.

Discover the World

Make a world tour and watch all the top-notch and beautiful places of the world in ultra-quality resolution. Explore different mountain ranges, cities, beaches, wonders of the world and much more without even leaving your seat with this earth-exploring app.

Distance Measurement

Wanna travel between places in your real life but don’t know the exact distance you have to cover, then give a try this app to measure the distance between two different places anywhere in the world. This app does not just calculate the distance between two points but also gives a detailed map of roads between the given points. All you need is to type the start point of your journey & destination name to get the measurement of distance and details of the journey route.

Set & Customize Your Favorite Locations & Points

This app allows the users to set different points & locations to favorites such as home, school, office etc in order to get to these points quickly. Moreover, it allows for customizing your favorite spots. You can set different icons & names for your favorite spots, as well as can customize the list by adding, removing or managing those spots.

Be a Voyager

If you love to travel across the areas and readily participate in different voyage tours then try planned tours guided by NASA, BBC Earth, National Geographic and many such world organizations. So tap any of the voyage tours to start the journey and explorer those planned areas.

Easy Location Sharing

This app not just allows you to explore different locations but also you can share locations with your buddies, colleagues, and family. You can easily send link of you current location, locations of different buildings or points, or any route map directly from this app as well as other sharing platforms.


As I mentioned repeatedly throughout the article that this app has very unique 3D graphics & visuals with luxury of 360 degree rotation.

Interface & Control

The interface of the app is very user-friendly and has very simple control commands. The interface comprises a search bar to find different locations & places by just typing the name of a place. The voyage & travelling maps include navigation which you can simply find by taping the navigation key. It will instantly start navigating you towards a destined location.


This app is only compatible with android device and one can’t use it on iOS devices.

Safe & Secure App

This app belongs to Google’s family and comes with assurity of safety by Google.

Download & Install

You can initiate download by tapping the link given in download button. As you tap the button, download start immediately. The app size is just round about 20 MBs and will take a minute or maximum 2 for download. After downloading the app, open main setting of device, find security tab there and turn on unknown sources for installation. Now go back to the apk file you just downloaded, open the file and complete installation by simply pressing the install option.


This app is a reliable and very useful assistive tool from Google family. It helps you dive in a 3D model of the world containing every minor detail of each corner of the world. It helps you to find a certain place, serves as a tour & voyage guide, brings easy location sharing, navigation use during travel, favorite list to access & locate your favorite spot conveniently, distance measurement b/w points and much more. It is very helpful for a geography student, world explorer, voyage lover, tour guide & everyone else.


Q. Is Google Earth Apk free to use?

Yes, the app does not any sort of premium use and everything is free to use.

Q. Does this app require internet connection?

Yes, the app does require the internet connection.


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