Apex Legend Mobile Apk

Version v1.3.672.546
Android Version 6.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
98.25% (1143 Ratings)



This is a multi-platform and battle royal game. It is free to download and play. It has many free elements and multi-platform elements.

The Apex Legend Mobile Apk game has an excellent map design. Every map areas on the map have own qualities. Each level of this game has different characteristics and qualities. Every level has unique and beautiful graphics.

This apk is available on the mobile version for everyone. It looks like a battle royal game with the once-famous name PUBG. Those gamers who know to play the battle royal game very well, also play this game very well.

Its main and amazing thing is “Apex Heroes”. They are eight characters divided into four categories. These four categories are offence, defense, recovery, and support according to their functions. Each hero has passive and amazing skills.

This game provides a high-quality communications system between players without voice. You can easily tell your teammates, where you are enemies, where to go next, what things are in front of you, and many more.

Features of Apex Legend Mobile Apk

There is a long list of astonishing features which bring this game actually a legend in the gaming world. That’s not gonna going to be covered in this short review article but we will surely put a glance at some of its most noteworthy features.

Eyes, catching graphics

Its main and the most important thing is its eyes catching graphical representation. It is specially designed outstanding for players.

Its graphics have beautiful color contrast and have the best designs. Its amazing graphics and wonderful color combination attract more and more players.


There are many innovations in this game. When someone about this mobile apk many players think that it is another version of PUBG. Because the gameplay of this game is not much different from PUBG.

This will take to you to a future world with images that can you see only in movies. It’s everything that is very far from the expectations of many players. It is very perfect and does not compare with other games due to its amazing features.

It will be only three people in a team but in the future, there will appear many exciting features for you.

Bloody Battles

In this game the number of players is minimal and the map also shrinks, So you should quickly find your weapons as soon as possible. When you entered the in-game screen you may first pick up all weapons very quickly.

That’s not all, because you prepare many equipment and weapons by yourself. Sone necessary equipment is available in some necessary cases.

This game is also quite very fast. So, you always be ready for the fight, because you ignore just for a few seconds the enemies on you very quickly.

Multiplayers squads

When playing with multiplayer select your legend and group of other two players. Playing with multiplayer is also a fabulous thing about this game. You may more enjoy then multi-players than alone.

Bring your talent and make a strong team. So if you take control of yours on the whole gameplay you should play with the team. You may get more enjoyment and pass your free time beautifully.

Equip Character

A very interesting point in Apex Legend Mobile Apk is that, in this, you will choose the available legend of your choice.

You not only choose your favorite character you should also choose beautiful costumes for this character.  You will also customize your legend with unique and amazing skin.

For the change of these characters, the features of all the characters also change. Every character has its features and it also creates more enjoyment.

Safe & Secure

The Apex Legend Mobile Apk is 100% safe because it is scanned by our anti-malware platform and no viruses are detected.

The anti-malware engine filters applications and classifies them according to our parameters. Therefore, you don’t worry about it, it is 100% safe to use. Its installation and downloading methods are also safe.


This mobile game is expanding its popularity level and is being played on a variety of devices. The devices on which one can play the game include, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, & other brands of android devices with a version 6.0 or above. The game is also compatible with iOS devices as well as PCs of different brands and versions.

Some Direct Pros of the Game

  • You can download this app directly. It is possible to download the app from their app archivers.
  • The download process is very instant and quick, so you easily download this app. You don’t need to wait for any type of verification.
  • When you download this apk it stores in your system. Therefore the software can be reinstalled as time times as necessary without having to download.

How to install it on an Android device

You can download this easily from the Google play store. You just need to click on the download button for downloading. When the download is complete you will find this game in the Downloads section.

You need to know that third-party apps are allowed on your phone before you can install this on your phone. After completing these steps you just go to downloads and tap this downloaded file.

An installation prompt appears here, you just need to complete these all installation steps. When the installation method is complete you should use this app as usual.


It is one of the best gaming apps released for mobiles. It is free to download and play. It has many free elements and multi-platform elements.

It brings fun, action, and enjoyment to its players. The Apex Legend Mobile Apk has the best unique route for all stages and levels. This game has an excellent map design.

Every map areas on the map have own qualities. Its map also contains huge and a lot of unique locations to explore. On every level, you can see beautiful and unique graphic designs.

This also creates many opportunities for you to take down your enemy. This also has many levels and stages. Each level has its features and equipment for survival.


Q. Is this game free for download?

No, the game won’t cost real money to download no matter from where you download it.

Q. Does this game contain any sort of premium features?

No, all the features of the game are free to use. Though there are some locked features of the game they could be unlocked with coins & in-game currency.


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