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Version v3.72
Android Version Android 4.0+
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Counter-Strike Global Offensive is a shooting game which has been dominating the gaming world for decades due to its anti-terrorist strategic gameplay, 5 players team in available game modes, outstanding cinematic 3D graphics, crystal clear sound effects, plenty of guns & weapons to choose from and plenty of maps & game rounds to play in.

From the day shooting games were introduced, this shooting category of games has started a rapid journey of fame and never looked back. Now, this is one of the most popular categories of games. CSGO is also a shooting game which includes strategic terrorist attacks & counter-attacks against these terror attacks.In this game, there is usually a competition b/w two teams of online players. 

One team is of terrorists who transplant & explode bombs via their terror attacks or kill the members of the counter-terrorist team. While the second team is the counter-terrorism squad which works to defuse those bombs of terrorists and kill them in counter-attacks. 

You may be on either of the team. Wherever you play, you have to be very cautious of opponent team players and play the game strategically. 

Features of CSGO Mobile Apk

This is a very popular title of shooting games for PC, and to make it play on mobile took a lot of effort because it was never easy to adjust large amount features of a PC game to its mobile version. Hence, some of the game features that you use to enjoy on a PC will not be available in the mobile version of the game. But the features offered by this mobile version of the game are more than enough to make it the top-notch shooting game for mobiles. Let’s find out some most important of those features.

Engaging & Curiosity Enhancing Gameplay

As soon as you enter the game you start to become addicted to the game instantly due to engaging and curiosity-enhancing gameplay. The realistic graphics along with gameplay gives a real feeling that you are a member of a counter-terrorist squad and are on a mission with other four mates against terrorist who have planned to transplant a bomb to cause a violation & are about to explode the bomb and attack your team.To cope with those terrorists, you have to defuse their bombs as well as kill all the members of the terrorist squad to accomplish the mission and be a winner along with your teammates.

Well Decorated Arsenal

As this is a shooting game & you have to defuse bombs during your missions, the game offers a wide array of guns to shoot down opponent squad players and bomb-defusing accessories to defuse bombs planted by terrorists. There is a variety of guns offered to choose from. You can unlock more guns and can also upgrade your favorite guns. Moreover, there is a variety of bomb-defusing kits and accessories. So pick your favorite guns and accessories and overcome all the opponents to eradicate terrorism.

Graphics of the Game

The game comes with eerily realistic graphics with an environment of realistic backgrounds and visuals which create a cinematic fight scene. The unreal engine technology brings 3D realistic designs of guns, buildings, roads, grasses, people and all other visuals which make it look like that you are actually participating in a real life fight. Moreover, the guns have all the properties such as scope, ammo and realistic designs to original guns.

Sound Effects

This game has such crystal clear sound quality that even taps of walking steps can be used to judge the coming opponents. So always try to walk slowly so that there is minimal chances to be judged by opponents. Moreover, realistic sound effects of shooting guns, exploding bombs and dying peoples also add to the charms of the gameplay.

Game Modes Offered

In PC version users are supplied with a variety of games modes but in mobile version the users are restricted to only a single but best mode of the game i.e. bomb exploding mode. It is because of the graphics sound and gameplay is of such a high quality that it makes more than 1.5 GB with only single mode of game.Merging more modes will increase the weight and will make it tougher to run the game on mobile. But developers are working so hard to merge other game modes in upcoming updates of this mobile version keeping the app weight in check. But as far as I reckon, this single game mode more than enough to entertain a player on his mobile. The game modes offered in PC version of the game but missing in this mobile version include Zombies & Team Deathmatch.

Maps offered to Conquer

The struggle of developers made it possible to provide all the maps of game for mobile users. Player can enjoy the battle in variety of available maps. These maps have different landscapes, visuals and difficulty levels. So you have to formulate your strategy accordingly. Maps included for mobile users of this game are Dust 2, Cache, Mirage, & Inferno.

User Interface & Game Controls

This game comes with very complex & intuitive interface and controls. But if you have already played different shooting games on your android device or mobile then you can easily master this game’s controls as well. The in-battle interface is decorated with plenty of controls on either side of your device screen.The interface screen have joystick & keys to walk, run, sit, stand or jump, key to reload bullets, scoop key to watch enemies closely, keys to switch between weapons, and location indicator to show you the locations of players in the battlefield.


This game is designed to play on android devices and is well compatible with devices having a RAM of 2 GB or above.

Free to Enjoy

The game offers all the game maps & others features for free.

Download & Install

For an android device, follow simple steps for installation.

  • Click the link enclosing button of download.
  • Be patient while download as the size of app is over 1.5 GB and will take its time. Make sure that you are on a strong internet connection to reduce download wait.
  • After accomplishing file download, open device setting to allow permission of installation.
  • Now after allowing unknown source installation, open the downloaded file and click on install button.


If you are a gaming buddy and love shooting games then CSGO Mobile game will prove itself a perfect grab for your android device. Enjoy ultimate shooting experience in 3D ultra-graphics with realistic environment and crystal clear sound quality. Try a huge array of guns and weapons and explore & hunt enemies in variety of maps. The interface and key control with joystick make the gameplay more competitive. So grab the app now and start an ultimate journey of shooting experience.


Q. Is there any single player mode of game?

No, there is no single player mode of this game rather you have to feature in a team as a team member.

Q. Is this game secure for playing on an android device?

Yes, it is thoroughly safe in all aspects for your device.


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