Fortnite Apk

Version v16.10.0
Android Version Android 5.0 +
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Epic Games, Inc
89.42% (3223 Ratings)



Fortnite apk is an action packed multiplayer online survival game launched by Epic Games, an American game developing Company residing in North Carolina. Although launched in 2017, this thriller game has managed to gather massive fan following because of its top notch graphics, great service and its ability to connect with any player from all over the globe.

It comes in three versions (Fortnite: Save the World, Fortnite: Battle Royale and Fortnite Creative) that share almost the same game play. One can play with other players as friends or as foes.

Fortnite Battle Royale and Creative are free of cost while Fortnite, Save the World has some subscription charges. The monetization of these games is in the form of V-Bucks game currency which is purchased through real money.

Fortnite mobile apk reached great heights within weeks of its release. It has successfully won quite a many awards such as 2018 Webby Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Game Critics’ Awards etc.

in different categories of fan favorite multiplayer game, Excellence prize etc. The founder of Fortnite apk indir made sure that people using both android and iOS operating systems could equally enjoy this game.

The game requires a strategic brain that can plan attacks against enemies simultaneously growing their own empire. It functions with real time. On a click, one player gets connected with another either as a duo or a squad, irrespective of their geographical location and can form teams in order to win through the barbaric attack of enemies.

Fortnite apk indir also provides a 50 v/s 50 battle field option that allows the 100 players to form 2 teams and fight against each other. The game application collects your relevant personal information that includes your name, email address, player name, game password, profile photo and your IP address.

Fortnite APK Features


Fortnite apk indir allows up to 100 players to play simultaneously and interact with one another.

HD screen:

The game is in high resolution that also allows one to zoom in through their territory.

Parental Control:

This feature allows the parents to keep their child safe from any malicious activity that may harm his mental growth. This includes a filter for mature language usage, auto decline friend requests, hiding names from other groups, control calls and messages as well as suggestions of other fortnite player groups or reporting other fortnite players.


One can build their empire with loads of building options available in Fortnite mobil apk. These buildings can be used for refuge or train armies.


One can team up with other fortnite players and go fight against the opponents.

Geographical Boundary:

Fortnite apk indir rises above all geographical boundaries and helps one connect with other players irrespective of caste, color or creed.

Game Perspective:

If a player dies in a battle, then that player can view the battle as per their killer, hence this gives the player an insight into other players’ strategies.


Each player starts with an ax to cut down the destructible surroundings which helps you construct your own empire.

Collecting Guns:

Fortnite apk allows one to collect guns after defeating their enemies. It also gives an opportunity to the player in the form of a new updated version of the weapons.

Easy to function:

The Fortnite android apk is very easy to function and it offers a step by step guide for its new users.


The team players can either chat using voice chat option or text chat option.

50 v/s 50:

Fortnite apk allows the players to form 2 teams of 50 players and then fight against each other.

Duo mode:

This mode pairs the player with another random fortnite player as a team.

Squad Mode:

This mode allows the players to form a group of four allies to play together against various enemies.

Weekly Events:

The weekly contests help you buy more weapons, looks and new game play mode, if you win them with your good planning.

Multiple Languages:

Fortnite android apk enables a person to change languages according to their preferences. It offers 48 different languages from French to Amharic to Arabic. You name it, and it will be there.

High FPS:

Fortnite apk has a high frame per second ratio which creates a smooth game play.

Safe and confidential:

For Fortnite apk security and privacy of its users is of great importance. It keeps their private and personal information confidential at all costs.

How to download Fortnite apk?

Search for “Fortnite apk free download”.

Click the download button. It will be downloaded in a couple of minutes.

How to install Fortnite APK?     

After downloading the APK file, tap on it to start its installation.

If a downloaded file couldn’t be found, then search for it in the device's download section.

Allow your device to accept installation from unknown sources or from sources. In order to do so, visit “Settings” > “Additional settings/ More” > “Developer options” and finally enable the “Unknown sources”.


Fortnite apk is a strategic game that requires strategic planning and leadership skills to execute the game plan. It is free, easy to play with amazing features for those who adore survival games. It allows unlimited game play in HD with high Fps, quality graphics with intoxicating game play, and all this while keeping private information confidential. It also allows one to choose between three game modes, Duo mode, Squad mode and 50 v/s 50. It allows parents to keep their child's mental health in control by offering parental game control options.


Q. Can I play fortnite apk offline?

No, a stable and fast internet connection is needed to play this game.

Q. Is Fortnite only downloaded on a phone??

No! You may use your tablet, PC or any iOS device to download this app. It is compatible with all devices.


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