Hide Online Apk

Version v4.9.1
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer HitRock Games
99.66% (592 Ratings)



Hide Online is a multiplayer hide and seek third-player action shooting game. The game is played in a closed setting or area. There are two teams. The first teams are the props or hiders; they hide from the other team to defend themself and in doing so, they can convert themself into any object present in the closed setting of gameplay yes! Any object but they do not have any weapon or anything to shoot or kill the other team members, they just have to hide from them.

The second team is the shooter or seeker team; the team member needs to find the other team disguised as props and objects and then kill them. The second team or the seeker team members are armed with rifles, pistols and grenades. The game is a wacky and online version of the children’s hide and seek game but with a little twist. There is no age limit, The game is for both grownups and children.

The game is fun and boredom liking for people of all ages. This game is a wacky multiplayer action game that offers you a really fun gaming experience. This game also ensures the stand-out quality of realistic visuals. You can connect with many other players from all over the world to take part in the match, which is both dramatic and fascinating.


This game is a sort of unique gaming fun b/w online players and has very immersive & addictive gameplay that never lets you bored. This game provides a reasonable amount of gaming joy with plenty of features. Let’s review a few important ones here.

Different Teams

There are two different teams that you can choose from. The hunter and the prop So you won't ever get bored while playing this shooting game since it'll offer you choices in everything every time. While being in the Hunter team, you need to find the props from the entire map and kill them with all the bullets, and throwables you have.

 And if you are the prop, you need to hide from the team by simply swapping and becoming any kind of hidden object — a chair, a box, a cup, or even a kitchen pan. Moreover, the prop team can also jump, run and make clones to mislead the hunters from your way. The gameplay Sounds incredible right?

High-Quality Gaming Graphics

The game has amazing graphics and sound effects. All the props are so clear and perfectly detailed that the hunter will be confused that an object is an actual object or the other team member. The shooting and running sound quite real if you are using headphones. All sounds are professionally recorded by sound professionals.

Customize Your Weapons

 If you are a member of the hunter team, you can customize all your weapons. You can unlock three types of weapons on containers/packs: Lasers, "Semi-Auto" Shotguns, and Normal Shotguns. To kick on the game, each player is provided with a semi-auto common shotgun for free. There are many other weapons that you can either purchase or can earn or get with help of coins that are rewarded at the end of each winning match.

Different Challenges

There are different levels that you need to clear and win, in order to move into further levels. Each level has a different gameplay area than the previous one. Each area is more challenging and difficult for both teams to hide and hunt.

In-App Purchases

There is a shortage of coins, skins, grenades, clones, level-up characters and weapons during the start of the game that you need to buy as the game proceeds. You can either buy coins, weapons, skins of each character and various other props from the play store with real money or you can buy them with the coins that you will earn after each winning match.

But the coins are very limited I-e 10 coins only after each match and the quantity is non-negotiable. It will take a lot of coins to buy weapons and other contents and you need to win a lot of matches to earn all the coins and extra weapons.

Bullets & Coins

As mentioned previously, there is a lack of coins and weapons for both teams. This game offers 60 bullets for your shotgun which I think or more than enough for at least 4 pro-level opponents.  And that's one of the only reasons why Hunters get defeated most of the time while playing the Hide Online game.

Also, only 10 coins are awarded to the winning team after the match. There are also sticky disturbing ads during the game that may cause the player to lose interest while playing. You can buy their premium version to get rid of ads.

How to Get Going?

Join any of the random shooting match competitions with just a simple tap on the ‘play’ button. If you are willing to compete in a specific one then get from the game list. There will be a list of rooms that have a name, the number of players, and the 'JOIN' button. If the 'JOIN' button has a lock icon next to it, the room is password-protected, and only the set password the player set is valid.

 You can create a room by tapping the yellow 'CREATE CUSTOM GAME' button, and there will be two boxes to fill, the name, and the password (optional). At the start of every new round, you can check or uncheck the boxes to manage map selection.

Download & Installation

This game is availed in the Playstore game’s gallery which suggests the security of this game. If you are willing to take on this adventure you can get this game from the play store as well as from this page by clicking on the download link button given below. After downloading the file, just open it and set up this game on your device by clicking the install option.


Hide online is hide and seek game but with a twist. There are two teams; hunter and prop. The hunter team have weapons to kill the other team while the prop team have camouflaged with any object present in the room in order to defend themself.  you can connect with people throughout the world while playing.





Q. Is hide online available offline?

No! The game is only available offline to play.

Q. Is hide online available on pc?

Yes! Hide online is available on pc and laptops to play.


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