Mini Militia Apk

Version v5.3.7
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Action
Languages English
99.33% (595 Ratings)



Mini Militia apk is a multiplayer online battle combat b/w 6 player with 2D liquid flow graphics. Playing games, and battling online with players around the world in different sorts of gaming battlegrounds is getting popular with every upcoming day & its craze is watch-worthy among the generation of this era. One can find a variety of such battling games on different game stores & platforms on the internet.

But Mini Militia game has its own charms which make it a unique title in the world of battle games. This game is developed with the inspiration of the famous battling game ‘Doodle Army’. So come let’s join the battle to challenge the world & show your gaming skills.

Mini Militia offers a wide range of arms & weapons to cope with robots, opponent players, and other enemies in the game. The basic aim is to gun down all other opponents and stay alive at the end of each battle to be a winner.

Features of Mini Militia Apk

Like other online battling games, this game also comes with plenty of world-class features which make it a competitive title in battling combats. Let’s check out some of the amazing features of this game.

Dual Mode

This game gives a dual option to select from. You can battle online against organic opponent players or can sharpen your battling skills with an offline mode.

Play Against the Friends & Other Players Around the World

Though this game does not offer any team battling still you can enjoy the game with friends. The online game mode allows you to fight against your friends & loved ones to enjoy the game together as well as you can challenge the players all around the world and compete with them.

Number of Players

You are not just fighting against in-game opponent robots but there are 6 other organic online opponents to give you a tough time. The number of players can be maximized to 12 via LAN or the same shared WiFi connection. The online game mode offers room to fight. You can join the room created by others by sending them a join request, can join by accepting their invite or can create your own room to invite your friends and other players. You can keep your room private & set a password so that strangers could not join the room. The players only knowing this password could join the private room by typing in the password.


This game won’t let you bore as you don’t have to play in the same environment. Rather this game offers a variety of maps with different designs in-map visuals. The initial number of maps wasn't too much but with every upcoming update and increasing popularity of the game, the number of maps has exceeded 20 & still many more to come.

Graphics & Sounds

The game offers very fluent 2D graphics with intensive gameplay. The sound effects with battlefield curiosity enhancing music make the gameplay more lucrative and make players much more attentive.

Weapons & Defense Accessories

The weapon arsenal of the game is decorated with a variety of powerful and futuristic weapons. A wide array of guns, arms, ammo, health kit and other attacking and defensive tools and assets are offered by the game on the battlefield as well as game store.

Find Friends in Game

This game gives you a platform to connect with your friends & make new friends around the world. You can find your real-life friend as well as new unknown people around the world in this game by typing their gaming ID or Nickname. You can add them to their friend list of the game so that you can invite or join to play the game together.

How to Get in & Play the Game

To get into the gameplay, you have to launch the game after downloading it. After launching the game get register to set up your gaming ID/account by giving initial information and by permitting the asked permissions. The gameplay is simple to get in but very curious and intensive to battle out. Firstly, get in the game, and select the game mode (offline/online). If you select the offline mode, then there are simple drills to sharpen your skills & you have to play all alone with no organic opponent.If you choose the online mode, then you have to set up the battle. You can set up your own battle room by selecting the desired map and inviting your buddies or other players to play with it. Don't forget to pick your favorite weapons and necessary help & health accessories.

Privacy & Security

Though this game asks for a few personal pieces of information and permissions, this game keeps all your personal information highly confidential and does not involve any third party that may risk your privacy. Moreover, this game is free from all types of hazards and verified as safe by google play protect.

Download & Installation

Tap the download button to start downloading the apk file for the game. It may take a minute or two to get downloaded. After downloading the file, go to the mobile main setting menu for permitting the installation from an unknown source. After allowing the installation, go back to the apk file, open it and click on the installation button to complete the installation setup.


Though the craze of the battling game is enjoying its peaks these days this game has gained impactful fame from the words it goes. This is a very competitive online multiplayer battle to enjoy with friends & players around the globe.The features like more than 20 maps to choose from, online/offline modes, 2D liquid flow graphics with amazing sound effects & in-game sounds, a huge variety in the arsenal, verified by google play protect, and all this without wasting any sort of real money make Mini Militia a pretty awesome grab for the game lovers.


Q. Can this game be updated via Playstore?

Yes, you can update your game from the Play store.

Q. Can I play this game on my PC?

Yes, one can enjoy the game on your android devices as well as PCs.


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