Mr.Autofire Apk

Version v2.7.1
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Google Commerce Ltd
87.08% (596 Ratings)



Mostly shooting games are liked mostly by many peoples. Shooting games are popular with the young generation. Mr. Autofire APK is a very fine shooting game that has a great link with reflexes. In this game, you are assigned to get the gun and shoot all those alien devils which want to assist the Earth. In this game, you can easily be ranked up by shooting, escaping, and weapon upgrading.

Mr. Autofire APK offers many coins and gems to all its’ users. These coins and gems help you to buy different things like shooting guns from the store and if you are engaged in any hard level by using these gems and coins you can easily clear it. This game has a key feature that makes it so easy and exciting, is a one-hit kill. Mr. Autofire APK is an ads-free game. On the mobile platform, Mr. Autofire APK is one of the most addictive games.

Most interesting thing is that you will attend and focused on the games, it enhances your experience and entertainment by shooting and monsters adventure. Let’s get ready to combat aliens devils.

Features of Mr.Autofire APK

There are many notable features of this game that make it very popular and attractive for users.
Some of these exciting features detail are given below:

Coins & Gems

Mr. Autofire APK gives you unlimited coins and gems. By using these coins or gems you can purchase anything you want from the sort menu of the game. These coins and gems are very necessary to complete your character strong and effective. By using coins and gems you can increase your characters and also boost the efficiency of your weapon. These changes make you strong and efficient to face difficulties such as very fast and dangerous monsters.

Graphics design

The design and graphics of this game are simple but not ordinary, but the color combination and color selection are so fantastic and outstanding which makes the game popular, pretty, and entertaining. When you are playing the colors don’t fade or dim, coloration remains bright and shiny. Mr. Autofire APK is very exciting and consists of the complete entertainment package, during playing or fighting it boosts up the speed of the main character and also increases the shooting spark.

Music and Sound

Music and sound have a key role in the game which increase the interest of players. Music can cause attraction to the player. In this game, the music is very nice and especially the sounds of different characters and functions are so exciting and entertaining. The sound of bullets during shooting enemies, the painful sound of the main character of the game when it was harmed by different aliens' devil's attacks, and also the sound of different weapons such as firing sound will have an adverse effect on feeling while playing the game. It also increases the interest in-game.

Great variety of Perk

Actually, these perks are commonly known as a booster which helps a lot to finish the game in a very easy way. After specific short intervals, these perks will increase the characteristics of the weapon which you are using, perks can double the shooting capacity, can cause explosive fire, more effective and damaging shoot, and so on. Perk can cause a big spark or fire flame from your weapon in the nearer combats.

The Plot

Aliens wanted to get control of Earth and one day they try and in past, they tried. They think that they will establish their society and civilization on earth. For this purpose, they have produced many new and dangerous devils to overcome on earth with a great war. From the earthside, you are a brave superhero who protects the earth from that great destruction. You are the skillful hero of the earth with bravery sparking reflexes and many advanced guns (weapons) and many more.

Attractive war programming

You have great fast reflexes by using these reflexes, your mission is to destroy all monsters by shooting, escaping from enemies' attack with the use of all tactics such as running forward and backward or jumping up and down saving your life to compete these devils.

Killing the monster does not mean that you have saved the earth from their attack. After that a big devil which is named the boss will attack you in a fast and dangerous way at that time you have to complete this boss by using all the attributes you have, finally, you kill the boss and you will be awarded a big precious gift.

This game is based on reflex which has many hard levels when stepping forward, then the game more difficult and stressful. You have to face all the challenges with consciousness and courage and at least you win definitely.


You can control all the functional characters' actions by clicking a single control key which is shown on the mobile screen or tab screen. Mr. Autofire APK have auto control. You do have not to reload, aiming everything is based on auto programming. Interestingly, your energy skills and bullets will never decrease or deplete. Your win mostly depends on your control of running and jumping, which helps you to escape from the bullets of enemies.

Easy access to character

Mr. Autofire APK is providing you with a great variety of characters which are all unlocked every second. With your interest, you select any character at any time even in a second with just a single click on a mobile screen. This interest makes you excited and joyful. With this feature, you can make yourself strong and increase your killing speed.

One Hit Killing

One hit killing feature makes you stronger in this game, sometimes you have to face a hard level which seems to clear this level is not easy. But one hit killing feature put these situations in your control. You can kill all monsters easily by clicking one hit.

No ads

Ads can cause irritation in your entertainment so Mr. Autofire APK is ad-free game. You can enjoy this game easily without any ad interruption. This unique feature makes it popular.


Q. What are the main features of this game?

No ads & unlimited gems and coins.

Q. Do I need to root my device to install this APK?

No need to root your device because this game can be installed on both rooted and nonrooted devices.


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