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PUBG New State APK is an extension of the world’s most popular franchise of online multiplayer games. As everyone in the world is familiar with PUBG, which is to most downloaded and played game all over the world. This game is also put forward by the PUBG family.

In this game, the developers took the PUBG to a futuristic level catapulting them into 2051. The Troi ( new map ) and most advanced weapons of the future are introduced in this game. 100 players are landed in a much more vast area as compared to the original PUBG game. 100 players try their battling skills in an area of 8km * 8km to be the super survivor by standing tall till the end.

Though PUBG is at its peak of popularity and the developers won’t wanna make any changes but they are constantly improving the game and this is one of the best improvements made in the PUBG.


The gameplay of PUBG New State is almost similar to PUBG. 100 players are landed via parachutes on the island but this time the playing area where players are landed is much bigger than that in PUBG. The locations are designed keeping in mind the near future in 2051.

This map is named Troi. this Troi has a blue zone that is shrinking all the time and if you are stuck in this blue zone then it's all over for you buddy. So beware of this threat in addition to the opponent players. Weapons are also much more advanced compared to PUBG's original version. These futuristic deadly weapons include drones, combat shields, the latest powerful machine guns, and much more. To be a winner you are your team has to thrive through the battle royale.

Features of PUBG New State APK

This game is designed by the PUBG franchise and has much of similarities with PUBG but still, there are plenty of new and futuristic features that took the game to new heights. Some of its new and advanced features that are compulsory to discuss are given below.

New Map With Open World

This game brings you a new futuristic map named Troi. This map takes you to the future. The locations and advanced buildings of 2051 give you a feeling of being in near future. The map has an 8*8 KM wide-open world to explore. Completely different locations and buildings rather those old and boring grasses, schools, and containers of the original PUBG version.

But one must be aware of the blue zone which is an additional threat. This zone goes on to shrink throughout the gameplay. If you are caught up in this zone then you are eliminated from the game.

Advanced Weapons

PUBG New State brings the latest designs of weapons which are not just the latest in name or their outlooks but their working is also very advanced. The destruction power, ammo, and fire rate of these machine guns are improved to the next level as compared to PUBG's old version.


In addition to traditional transportation and electrical cars of the 2050s, two new & advanced vehicles are introduced in the PUBG New State for exploring the massive map. These vehicles are volta & vulture. Volta is an advanced car and very resistant to enemy attacks.

While vulture is a motorbike. it is a high-speed two-wheeler that allows you to explore the map very quickly before it shrinks. In addition to these vehicles, a tram is also introduced to go through this wide-open map. This tram is safe as a home. So only get on to this tram and feel absolutely free from enemy attacks.

Aided Battle

If you have stuck in a horrible situation and looking for help, the aided battle mechanism is designed to get out of this situation. You can make a drone call or a support request. The drone call will help you from the air and if you make a support request then help from land will be provided. You can go for any of two assistive options to get helped in any sort of difficult condition.

Better API services

In the old PUBG, the players mostly lag behind due to poor internet connection. But in the New State version, the more advanced API services are put in by Vulkan technology which keeps your ultimate royale battle on the go and never gets you lag behind or cut out of the game due to poor server connection.

Better drops with bigger loots

Though there were drops in the PUBG in the new state these assistive drops are more frequent. These are not just frequent but they consist of a huge amount and variety of weapons, accessories, and assistive tools. So make a bigger loot on each drop and get fully equipped to kill all the enemies to be the ultimate winner.

Weapon Customization

In the original version, you can just use a weapon in a fight but you neither own this weapon nor customize it. This game allows you to not just customize a weapon but also you can own a weapon if you like a weapon.

Ultra Realistic Graphics

The graphics of the game are designed according to the future and no other game even comes closer to this game when it comes to ultra-realistic graphics. These ultra-realistic graphics give a feel that you actually stepped into the future. Players can enjoy the battle at a 60 to 80 FPS rate.
The premium graphics of this version also offers a rate of 90 to 120 frames per second.


Though the game is compatible with all types of devices including iOS, Android, laptops, and PCs. but one requires a minimum ram of 2.5 GB to run this game on either type of device.

Download and Install

Download and install follow the same process as you do for all other apk files. So just click on the download button. The download will take several minutes due to the large size of the file. Once you have downloaded the file, go to your device setting and allow the installation of this game from an unknown source. Open the file and click on the install button and all is done.


Playing the old royale battle and got bored of the traditional gameplay and graphics, then switch to the PUBG New State APK, a futuristic game to enjoy ultra-realistic graphics which are at the top of all mobile games when it comes to game graphics.

Go through an 8*8 KM open world with new maps, locations, futuristic buildings, exhibition halls, and much more. Drive electric cars, highly resistive volta cars, lightning-fast motorbikes the vulture, enjoy the safe journey on the tram, and much more transportation. Fight with advanced weapons and get assisted by shield combat and drone calls. All this and many other countless futuristic features make this game the best ever royale battle.


Q. Is this game free to download?

Yes, this game is free to download.

Q. Is there any new map added to the game?

Yes, there are new maps added to the game, the special one is Troi which is 8*8 KM wide.


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