Swamp Attack Apk

Version v4.1.1.262
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Action
Languages English
Developer Outfit7 Limited
97.06% (544 Ratings)



It is an exciting shooter game in which a player has to defend his house from the attacking Monsters and Zombies for protecting everything that a player wants to protect. It is a game of shooting the Monsters and Zombies by sitting on a chair outside the house in a relaxed style. You would enjoy a peaceful scene that fades away suddenly, but the attacking Monsters and you have to shoot them with the gun you are having in your hands.

It is a simple game in which you have to touch the screen of your mobile where the Monsters are on the screen. It is a game of 300 plus levels with eight chapters that will give you the leisure of playing a challenging game and facing the different types of Monsters passionately. In the start, you have to use a simple gun for shooting the crocodiles and you will pick up the money from it. After that, you would move on to the higher levels, and you have to shoot out powerful Monsters, and you will get new and latest weapons to kill them all.

In this game, different types of creatures having special powers will attack you, you have to defend your house by killing them as quickly as you can. Otherwise, you will lose your level by losing your blood. You find any sort of attack that you have missed and you will lose your blood then you can find medicines to heal up as the Monsters have destroyed your body at the same level.

Excellent Feature of the Game

Choice of Weapons

It is a game of shooting monsters and killing them by using different types of weapons level 2 level you would get powerful weapons gradually after winning the successful shots and killing Monsters at this spot.  there are unlimited weapons available for you and you can use them as per your choice and can upgrade them with unlocking features.  You can drop and pick guns and weapons in which thanks bombs exclusives and Asin rents at 17 are included in this amazing game.

Collection of Golden Coins

As you have to shoot out the powerful monsters you must be equipped with resources of powerful weapons and you have to make your defense more strengthen. There are different levels in this game in which you have to shoot the monsters by defending yourself and your house but there is a great reward for every successful shot you have shot for killing your enemy.  So,upgrading your weapons and making your defense more powerful you need to collect Golden coins that you will get after killing the monsters which is a very important element for wearing this game and moving on to the next difficulty levels.

Different modes of the Gameplay

You can earn more money and can expand your mission by completing the exciting tasks by adopting different modes in the game. In this mode of the game, you have to complete your mission very quickly and you will receive powerful weapons and other latest weapons before the game randomly. After completing the task, you will get more money and you can enjoy a different type of rewards as well.

Simple graphics like the Cartoon Network channel

Although this game is very interesting but in terms of graphics snap attack is designed with the demand of the character and the scene like a cartoon network channel.  In this game, the scene is like a house between the marshes and you would not face any change from beginning to the end of the game.The rich graphics are given for winning the interest and passion of the prayer.

Final Words

It is an adventurous game in which you have to prove yourself a great Shooter and defender of your house, kill the Monsters and Zombies attacking you.

It is a shooting game with half colorful graphics in which you have to defend your Swayam from attacking master and Zombies. The character of the game is Joe, a simple and ordinary boy who had built a house in the middle of the Swamp and settle down to live here.  Now he has to defend his house from attacking zombies and monsters with his gun and should his anyways by using different tactics.  He has to kill all the masters with powerful weapons as the masters of small and big size Ken attack on his house. He has to complete the task, and you face the Monsters and Zombies coming closer to him by shooting them and killing them very quickly.


Q. Can I play this game with my friends and relatives?

Yes, you can play this game with your friends and relatives by inviting them online and on your Facebook and other social media accounts without any difficulty.

Q. Is this game is safe and risk-free?

Yes, of course, this game is very safe and which tree because you would not face any type of damage or threat of virus, and we're pretty sure your data would not be hacked.


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