The Catapult 2

Version v6.5.0 Mod (a lot of money)
Android Version Android 4.1
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer BYV
93.2% (618 Ratings)



The Catapult 2 is basically a sequel of the major game known as the Stickman. The plot of this game is highly interesting in which one will have to act as a stickman. The job of the stickman is to save his castle from the attack of opponents.


In this game, a catapult is provided to the players with the help of which they will attack on the enemies. The players will be breaking the walls of the enemies' castles with the help of that catapult.


There is some more in this game which it offers to its players. There is a variation of new features which are even better than the former version of this game.


This game now allows the player to attack on the enemies with the help of shells, as well as the lightning strikes. There is further an option to attack upon the enemies with the cannonballs, projectiles and magic projectiles.


It is quite a fun game which allows the players to fight with their enemies and at the same time, save themselves from the attack of enemies. The attack of enemies can convert the player's castle into sand which is why they have to take high care of it.


The graphics of this game are really amazing and refreshing enough. It is colorful and quite pleasant which provides the best gaming experience to the players. The selection of the best colors makes this game even more desirable.


The gameplay of this game is even beautiful, which is enough to make everyone play it. This game is equally suitable for the kids, teenagers and adults as it is amazing and quite interesting to play. It is no doubt an addictive game.


Q. What weapons are available in this game to attack upon enemies?

This game allows the players to throw cannonballs, magic projectiles, projectiles, shells and lightning strikes.

Q. Is it suitable for the kids to play?

Yes, this game is good for the kids as well. There is no such restriction.

Q. Is this game available on Google Play store?

Yes this game is available on Google Play store and on Apple app store as well.

Q. Do I need to pay any amount to get this game?

No, there is no money required to purchase this game or it's features.


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