The Grand Auto 2

Version v1.0.2
Android Version Android 4.1
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
Developer BMG IT corp
91.67% (780 Ratings)



Grand theft auto is a very well-known game on the internet right now and millions of people around the globe are playing and enjoying this awesome game. We all love to play this game because it has so much fun and a great story line. That’s why it has huge fan following. This awesome game has very unique features.

Graphics are very detailed and clear which make it more enjoyable for users. Overall visual effects are good and gives quite realistic view. Sound effects and background music is also very good which make this game more entertaining. It has very good story line with many different characters. This is an open world game where you can do anything.

You play as a criminal in it where you have to complete missions in order to complete story line. You will see beautiful places and locations which are quite down to earth. It has many great weapons like machine gun, Ak47, M416, pistol etc. You can robe bank and you can steal cars from people. This game is a complete package and you can never get bore from it.

You can play it as a free style or play with full story. It feels like a movie and sometimes even you have to kill someone to complete your mission. If you break any rule, then police will catch. You will see many vehicles in this such as cars, bikes, buses, vans and cycles etc.

Surely this is an amazing game which will kill your boredom. Best thing about this game that you don’t need internet connection to run it. Controls are very simple to understand and you can adjust them according to your will. So just download it and start your story today.


Q. Is this game free or I’ve to pay to get it?

No! you don’t need to pay anything to get this game because it is totally free. You can download and play it without paying.

Q. Is it available in Apk?

Yes! this game is available in Apk file and you can easily download it from website. Then you need to install that file into your device to run it.

Q. is it safe process and is it safe from viruses?

Yes! it is 100% safe process and you don’t need to worried which means it will not harm your device with any virus because it’s safe.


The Grand Auto 2The Grand Auto 2The Grand Auto 2The Grand Auto 2The Grand Auto 2