Worms Zone Apk

Version v3.3.0
Android Version 5.1 and up
Category Action
Languages English / Russian
95.89% (608 Ratings)



Games are full of action and entertainment. People love different type of games such as arcade, fighting, adventure or action etc. Games can make happy and they can be the best source to kill free time. Android platform is full of dynamic action games where you can find the best one for you. PVP games are much famous these days and Worms Zone is one of them.

Worms Zone is an awesome arcade game where you can become the champion of your skills. Play as a worm in game and defeat other worms. The game is super easy and fun to play. The user interface is so clean and smooth. There are different power-ups available in game which you can collect and increase the size of your worm. Eat other worms and defeat other players around the world. Try to get the biggest worm because biggest worm gives more advantage to player.

The rules of this game are very simple. Just try to avoid direct contact with other worms defeat them using indirect contact technique. There are so many colorful worms available in game which you can choose as your favorite one. You can customize the worm as well. Change the color of worm and set nickname of your worm in game. Unlock different type of skins and make your worm look unique in all. Endless fun is waiting for you in the game.

Below are the features of Worms Zone game.

Easy Gameplay

It is an amazing game with easy gameplay. You can enjoy this game with easy controls. Quick and easy gameplay make this game more awesome and enjoyable. The controls of this game are very easy and intuitive. All controls are available on touch screen and you can control your worm easily. Easily control your worm and eat power-ups to increase the size of worm. Eat your opponents and make high score in game. The controls are fully adjustable for better gaming experience. Search for food and eat your opponent’s worm.

Play Online

Worm Zone game is an online game where you can play it with other players around the world. Play the game with millions of other players across the world and eat their worms to increase your score. Other players will try to eat your worm but you need to be safe from them and increase the size of your worm before them. Compete against hundreds of other players in a single match. Multiplayer feature makes the game even more enjoyable and interesting. Fight your opponent and surround them with your bigger worm to kill them.

Booster and Ability

This is a mod version of the game which means that you will get unlimited booster for your worm. You can find the booster while playing the game. Booster will boost the speed of your worm or you can use the ability of your worm to move faster but it will consume energy of your worm and your worm will start to shrink. This mod version of game will give you unlimited boost power so that you can increase the speed of your worm and move faster.

Unlimited Coins

Worms Zone Mod will give your unlimited coins in the game. Play without any coin issue and double your coins for free in game. Purchase anything in the game and unlock different items to make your worm faster and unique. You can unlock all the skins with these unlimited coins and can use them easily. You can use coins to revive your worm in game and take unlimited chances to play again and again. Make the longest worm in game with unlimited coins.

Different Worm Skins

There are so many different and unique worm skins available for worms. You can unlock these skins and can apply to make your worm look unique and cool. Unlock skins with coins and purchase different items as well. It is a free to play game and can be downloaded for free on android devices.


Q. What is the size of Worm Zone Mod Apk?

The size of this game is very light and can be downloaded without any storage issue. This game covers 32.4 MB of storage.


Worms Zone ApkWorms Zone ApkWorms Zone ApkWorms Zone ApkWorms Zone Apk