Angry Neighbor

Version v3.2
Android Version Android 4.1
Category Adventures
Languages English / Russian
Developer InvictusGames
92.74% (813 Ratings)



Angry Neighbor is a simulation role playing game where the player has to unravel their neighbors’ secret and have to explore their house while doing so. The neighbor is featured as an unusual and strange person in this game.

This adventure game requires the player to figure out what the neighbor hides in his house and his mysterious nature makes the player curious making him enter the house. When the player enters the neighbors’ house instead of getting acquainted the neighbor starts catching the player.

The player has to avoid getting catch, in an amazing 3D graphics setting that is specifically optimized for mobile devices. The good and quality management featured in the game as well as an unusual plot keeps the game interesting.

This game features a complete range of freedom and fun as well as complete action that is controlled and whose pace is set by the player himself. The player has to explore multiple places of the neighbors’ house, has to climb different places and figure out the mysteries and secrets hidden.

To unlock the locked doors and mysteries hidden behind them, this game requires the players to look for and use the door keys and enter every room and locker present in the house. This game has multiple versions and is a creation of invictus studio. The detailing is exemplary providing a detailed graphical view of every inch of the neighbors’ house present in the game to make the game more interesting and playable for hours.


Q. What is this game about?

This is a simulation game which allows you to explore.

Q. What are the advantages of this game?

This is a 3D game which is further optimized for the phone.

Q. What are the drawbacks of this game?

This game may be too easy for quite a few players.

Q. What is the availability of this game?

This game is available throughout the world easily.


Angry NeighborAngry NeighborAngry NeighborAngry NeighborAngry NeighborAngry Neighbor