Growtopia Apk

Version v3.52
Android Version Android 4.0+
Category Adventures
Languages English / Russian
Developer Ubisoft Entertainment
98.66% (521 Ratings)



Are you searching for an app that does not have antagonist and does not contain any violence? Are you searching for an app where you and everyone else is a protagonist and hero? If yes, then, this app is for you.

Growtopia is an amazing app where you get to play with different characters from different professions of the world. By playing with different characters, your horizon will be expanded and you know which tactic to use for a person coming from a particular field. You and everyone else is a protagonist and there is no violence whatsoever in it. You can create your own small and strong community.

You can orchestrate your own character according to your taste. You can construct anything from the scratch be it castles, forts, buildings etc. not only that you can also play a plethora of small games that will help you to earn extra money and buy your own stuff for your community.

You can do a proper business with your fellow characters through barter system. Also, you can have a friendly match with your family and friends as well. In this way, you can enjoy this game along with your friends and family.


A huge fan following

This app has thousands and millions of users. You can play with any of them. Its huge audience tells us that this game is quite interesting and worth playing.

Build your own community

You can start building your own community from scratch. If you always dreamt about a utopian community then, this is the time to create one. You can make any kind of society you want be it utopian, realistic or powerful. It’s all upon you.

Orchestrate your own character

This app permits you to make your own character. You can create any character you want to according to your own taste and choice.

Short games

You can also play short games which will help you to earn more money. Short games are very useful to earn extra money.

Barter system

We all have heard or studied about barter system in schools. Well, now you can see it practically happening in this game. You can make anything and trade it with your friends or any other character from around the globe.

Play with different characters 

You can play with any character from all around the globe. All these characters come from different professions and backgrounds. You can learn and apply different tactics on different characters.

Once a month updates

This app also updates itself once a month. With every new update comes new and exciting features and reward system.

Have fun with your friends

You can have fun while playing this game with your friends and family. No matter wherever your friends or family members are living, you can easily instigate a friendly match with them and have fun.

Use your creativity and imagination

This game is literally a world of possibilities. You can transform your imaginations into reality through this app. All you need is a strong creative and imaginative mind and you are good to play this game.

Explore other visionary world

You can also visit other visionary world created by your fellow players. Similarly, other players can also visit your small world. So, make your world interesting and attractive so more players visit your world and take inspirations from it.

So many languages

This app is made for all the people around the globe hence, it this app supports many languages. You can use this app in your own native language by going to setting and changing the language.

Talk with your fellow players

Not only you can play with your fellow players, but you can also interact with them. Get to know them more and make friends from all around the world.

Explore different things

You can explore so many things in this app as we have already mentioned that this app is a world of possibilities and anything can happen in it. So speed up and download this app and have fun.


Q. Is this app operating system restricted?

No, you can download and play this game on any operating system be it Android or Apple.


Growtopia ApkGrowtopia ApkGrowtopia ApkGrowtopia ApkGrowtopia Apk