Hello Neighbor Apk

Version v1.0
Android Version Android 7.0
Category Adventures
Languages English / Turkish
Developer tinyBuild
97.64% (552 Ratings)



Hello Neighbor game belongs to the genre of thrill, sneaking and adventure. It has been developed by Dynamic Pixels a Russian gaming company. It is powered by Unreal Engine 4 and was released for Android in 2018.

This game only supports single-player mode. However, the gameplay is much arousing as it involves strategies to be in disguise. Basically the player have to be aware of the neighbor and should break into his house to divulge a hidden secret.

The way neighbor will deal you is based upon your own past behavior with him. To proceed the player must decipher all the codes through puzzles. While solving the mysteries to unlock the basement, you have to be conscious of being caught up by the neighbor.

In case of being suspected the player might hit the neighbor with objects to avoid your identity being revealed. Once you get caught by the neighbor you will be switched to your own house again to restart the whole process but be careful as the neighbor will set traps tracing on to your previous strategies of breaking into his house.

Although there is a friendly neighbor option to make the neighbor more polite but still you need to be in disguise while resolving the mystery. The game is divided into 4 modes named as Act 1, Act 2, Act 3 and Final Act.

Hello Neighbor allow you to store only 4 things into the checklist and repetition of the item will not be allowed. Hello Neighbor APK is for those who are still unable to seek entertainment through this game.

It can be downloaded on any device with defined graphics and other features. Hello Neighbor APK is an alternative to the original app and contains all the fun features but it has some aspects too that are additional.


Highly detailed graphics and visuals.

AI character of neighbor that learn from your actions and apply strategies to trap you next time.

Free to download on all platforms.

Does not offer in app purchases.

Do not support any advertisements.

Root free downloading.



Switch to settings option and turn on the unknown source to allow this download.

Tap the download bar to start the downloading process.

Store the downloaded file a folder of your device as per your preference.


Allow the device to proceed with download by turning on the unknown source option.

Download the file through the link provided by this site.

Save the downloaded file in any folder of your device.

Install the restored file.

Launch the game.

You are all set to disclose the secret.


Hello Neighbor is all about using all your instincts to be safe from the neighbor suspecting you and to find where he might have hidden that secret. As the neighbor keep catching you he will automatically use more tactics to catch you based on the tricks you might have showed while breaking into his house. At one point he will even install CCTVs for efficient security. Its your task as a player to save yourself being caught and to find the mystery. Hello Neighbor APK is created to allow players enjoy further added aspects like free gaming, advertisements free game and much more.


Q. What is Hello Neighbor APK?

Hello Neighbor APK is a modified version of the game. It is about a person who has newly sifted to his home and now he is trying to break into his suspicious Neighbor’s house to get to know about a secret. The player will have to be conscious of the Neighbor as being caught will result in mission failure.

Q. Is Hello Neighbor available for free?

Both Hello Neighbor APK and Hello Neighbor from Google play store can be downloaded and played for free.


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