LEGO Ninjago Shadow Of Ronin

Version v2.0.1.5
Android Version Android 4.0.3
Category Adventures
Languages English / Russian
Developer Warner Bros. International Enterprises
89.67% (1481 Ratings)



LEGO Ninjago Shadow of Ronin is a LEGO ninja 3D game on android. It is a story based game. It has interesting gameplay with tons of features. This game is well optimized for all devices. It is a free to play game. Explore the dark stories in the game.

It has amazing 3D and well-detailed graphics. Visual effects are stunning and make the game more awesome. Explore the ninja region and fight with dark monsters in the game. Battles of this game are based on iconic locales from the TV series such as Ice Temple, The Toxic Bogs and Mysterious New Island etc. Train your ninja and learn new skills to defeat bosses.

Explore Ninjago throughout the game. It has a great control layout which is very easy to understand. Discover the mysteries of ninjas and learn new techniques. There are many Obsidian weapons available in this game. Discover the secrets of these powerful tools.

There are so many villains in the game such as the Serpentine classic villain and Nindroids etc. Drive cool vehicles and fly powerful jets in the game. Find dragons and fly them according to your choice. Solve puzzles and unleash powers to smash enemies.

It has improved graphics and controls. Unleash Spinjitzu Power to destroy enemies and bosses easily. There are many puzzles to solve in this game. It has a virtual joystick and it also supports wireless controllers for better experience. Download this game and start ninja adventure.


Q. Can i download this game from Google play?

Yes! You can definitely find this game on Google play and easily download it from there.

Q. Is this game safe for download?

Yes, this game is absolutely safe to download and it is free of any viruses that can potentially interfere with your device.

Q. Is this game free of cost?

Yes, this game is absolutely free of cost and you can enjoy it without any monthly subscription.

Q. Is this game available throughout the world?

Yes, this game is available throughout the world and you can access it from anywhere.


LEGO Ninjago Shadow Of RoninLEGO Ninjago Shadow Of RoninLEGO Ninjago Shadow Of RoninLEGO Ninjago Shadow Of RoninLEGO Ninjago Shadow Of RoninLEGO Ninjago Shadow Of Ronin



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    Very good game

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