Pokemon Go Apk

Version v0.195.2
Android Version Android 6.0+
Category Adventures
Languages English / Russian
Developer Niantic, Inc.
97.74% (574 Ratings)



Games are the best source to entertain yourself. Games help you to kill your free time. Most people love to play games on their devices. Android is a platform where thousands of games are available to play. Games can be of different genres such as adventure, fighting, mystery, crime and more. Pokemon games are true form of adventure games. People love playing pokemon games. Today we will tell you about the best pokemon game on mobile platform which you can play right now on your device.

Pokemon Go is right now the latest game on mobile platform. You can become the real world trainer with this game. This game works with the GPS of your device. The best and unique feature of this game is that it will use geography environment around you. You have to walk in order to catch pokemons. The game uses real locations around you and show wild pokemons. Game will show you your location. If you want to move in the game, then you must walk in real life.

In Pokémon Go, find wild pokemons, resources and other pokemon items while walking. Find other players around the world. You can train your pokemons to make them stronger and powerful. Battle against other players around the world and win EXP.

Here are the features of Pokémon Go game.

Amazing Gameplay

Pokémon Go has new and unique gameplay which attracts the players even more. You need to use your GPS in order to move in the game. The game will show you the right location of you so that you can acknowledge where you are. Find pokemons and train them to become stronger and undefeatable. Find poke-items such as pokeballs and potions to restore your pokemon health. Catch wild pokemons or you can even trade with other players around the world. Encounter trainers and battle with them to show off your skills.

Different and Unique Pokemon

This Pokemon game has unique and different pokemons which you can catch and train. If you want to catch a water type pokemon, then you need to go near to the lake or ocean in order find water type pokemon. Similarly, certain type of pokemons will be available to catch at certain locations. Get pokeballs and catch your favorite pokemons. Visit different and unique places such as museum, parks, monuments and historical places to find unique and rare pokemons.


Pokémon Go is a multiplayer game where you can battle against millions of players around the world. Find and match with other players. Win pokemon battles and earn experience and rewards. You can also trade pokemons with your friends and other players. Find rare pokemons and trade them with friends. You need strong internet connection in order to play this game smoothly. You can battle again gym leaders. You can even earn gym badges to become a strongest player in the game. Team up with other players to defeat the strongest pokemon player. Find eggs and hatch them easily. This game uses all real terminologies of pokemon cartoons.

Raid Battles

There are some legendary Pokémons available which are not easy to catch. These pokemons are so strong and powerful. In raid battles, you can team up with other players to catch the strongest and legendary pokemon. You can play raid battles with friends and can catch legendary pokemons. Other trainers can also challenge you in raid battles. Start your pokemon journey and start achieving your goal to become pokemon trainer in real life.

Optimized Performance

Pokémon Go is a great and most popular pokemon game on internet. It is greatly optimized for all android devices. It is a free to play game and can easily be downloaded without any issue. This game works with GPS feature. The size of this game is quite large but fully Optimized for low-spec devices. Download this game in your android device and start playing it for free.


Q. What are the requirements to play Pokemon Go on android device?

This game runs perfectly fine on medium-spec device. You need at least 2 GB of ram in your device and android version 7.0 or above in order to play this game smoothly. You cannot play this game without GPS feature.


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