Grand Theft Auto: SAMP

Version v1.08 build 69
Android Version Android 3.0
Category Arcade
Languages English / Russian
Developer Rockstar Games
99.1% (554 Ratings)



Grand Theft Auto: SAMP is the most popular version of San Andreas. It is an open world game with lots of possibilities. This version has online multiplayer mode and it is optimized for android platform. It is free to play game.

It has great graphics with 3D technology. Visual effects are more improved and detailed. Sound effects and visuals of this game make it more realistic and interesting to play. The world is completely open and you can roam freely. Drive any car in this game. Steal anything because everything is legal in this game.

It has online feature to play with friends. Player can now play online with other friends. Make new squads and join clans in this game. Do missions together and create strong forces. Conquer the city with friends and make your own rules. Play with real people around the world.

It has many great weapons. Choose any weapon and sharpen aiming and shooting skills with it. Fight with other online players and hunt them down. Become criminal, cop, FBI, or a simple civilian. Make gangs and rule the city.

The controls are very easy and customizable. Change control settings and save it as new layout for better experience. It has great story gameplay. There are tons of story missions to complete. Earn money in the game and buy new cars and houses.

It has huge map. Explore its map and discover the mysteries. Drive anywhere in map with online friends.


Q. In what category does this fall into?

This game is a mix of action and simulation.

Q. Can i access this game through Google play?

Yes, you can access this game through Google play.

Q. Is this a multi-action gameplay?

Yes, you can play this game with other people as well.

Q. Is this game available for free?

Some of the features are available for free but if you have to upgrade, you have to pay.


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