Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Version v1.09
Android Version Android 7.0
Category Arcade
Languages English / Russian
Developer Rockstar games
86.38% (1175 Ratings)



Grand Theft Auto Vice City is an action game brought to the players by the renowned Rockstar Games This is an arcade and action third person game bringing in shooting, driving and more fun with it and loads and loads of missions and challenges.

This game features the 1980s times where the player has to play a character and complete the missions thrown at them. This game is available in multiple languages from English to French, Spanish, Korean, Italian and more. With beautifully designed graphics and character models this version of GTA is very popular.

This action game features perfect lighting and effects, new and accurately tailored firing and targeting options for the player to complete missions with ease. The customizable feature of this game allows the player to have customizable controls and a complete customizable layout.

There are huge campaigns including an enormous range of challenges and unlimited hours of gameplay having high resolution graphics and impressive effects. This game is compatible with MoGa wireless Game Controller and is also compatible with select USB option.

Introducing immerse range of tactile effects this game is a concoction of immersion tactile effects and enables the user to play with the visual effects by tailoring them as per their requirement in the adjustable graphics settings panel.

Containing a huge variety of weapons and vehicles, this game includes knife, guns, grenade launchers, clubs, knuckles, cars, boats, ships, planes and more. Interesting mission and showdowns of fights, authorities, murders and more are the basis of this game on sunny beaches and more places.


Q. In what category does this fall into?

This is a fast and challenging action game.

Q. Can i access this game through Google play?

Yes! This is available on Google play quite easily.

Q. Is this a multi-action gameplay?

Yes, you can play this game with a partner.

Q. Is this game available for free?

Yes, some limited options are available for free.


Grand Theft Auto Vice CityGrand Theft Auto Vice CityGrand Theft Auto Vice CityGrand Theft Auto Vice City



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