Version v1.7.9
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Arcade
Languages English / Russian
Developer DVloper
95.76% (660 Ratings)



Granny is an arcade game where the gamer has to visit their beloved grandmother but this game comes with a twist as the grand mother is not standing at the door with sweets rather is waiting for the player to come to her house so that she can suck out all the juices from that person.

The gameplay and story of this game is simple as after the player comes to the grand mothers’ house, the grandmother captures the player into the house and getting out of it is unimaginable now. The main goal of the game is to escape this house without grandmother knowing about it.

This game features a great and impressive horror movie setting that with a hint of effects and sounds becomes extremely scary for the players to play it simply as a game and not get involved. Another challenge installed in the game is that the grandmother has perfect hearing making it difficult as well as impossible to escapes the boundaries of her house.

As she hears everything and even light hustle bustle in the house, this game features a detailed interior of the house and lets the players to interact with a variety of surrounding objects in order to survive and escape the house.

This game requires the players to have real self-control and learn to be quite as these will allow the game to run  smoothly otherwise the grandmother will attack and it will be game over for the player and no escape within a span of five days limit.