Merge Master Apk

Version v1.0.19
Android Version Android 5.1 +
Category Arcade
Languages English
Developer HOMA GAMES
99.24% (917 Ratings)



Merge Master Apk is an online multiplayer dinosaur fighting game that includes the fusion of dinosaurs, fuse dinosaurs and different creatures to convert them into a heavy-weight giant to fight against characters of your opponent players around the world.

Advancement & revolution in mobile gaming technology brought us a huge amount of games. The high-speed internet has enabled the world to experience online games to have a competition against the real gamers around the world. Today one can find millions of titles for online gaming in different categories. The categories that are getting most of the attraction from the users include action, strategy, fighting games etc.

Merge master apk is one such game that includes action and fight. This is a funfilled online saga that has attracted millions of online players from all over the world. This is an action & fighting thriller with simple but adventurous gameplay.


This game has strategic & action-packed gameplay. The basic task is, to sum up smaller similar creatures by fusing them into each other to transform them into gigantic heavy-weight creatures of the same species. But you have to find and fuse those smaller creatures as quick as possible because this is an online multiplayer game and there are plenty of other players on the battlefield struggling for the triumph. If you are a little late in building up your gigantic character, the opponent player with a relatively bigger creature can knock you out of the game.

Because you just can build up your game character strong but can’t help out your game character during the fight because the fight is automatic and players can’t make an impact on the fight. The only thing that you can do & have to do is build your character strong by making it as gigantic as you can. It is because the fight is always conquered by the game character that is more gigantic and powerful. So be aware of the enemies around and strengthen your game character as soon as possible.

Features of the Merge Master Apk

This is a humongous fight of some of the biggest creatures in the history of the world including dinosaurs, monsters, dragons, and Trex. The game is gathering a huge amount of global fame worthy of its astonishing features. Some of its top-notch features are listed below.

Game Characters

You have been playing plenty of fighting games but with the game characters offered by this game, you would have never enjoyed such gigantic heavyweights in any other game. The game characters included in this game are actually the real charm of the game.

Come and enjoy the fight b/w some of the biggest creatures ever existed on the planet earth. Experience the fight of the biggest monsters, dinosaurs, dragons, Trex and other gigantic heavyweight creatures.

Strategic Fight

This game is the real test of your mind to formulate a quick strategy. So quickly combine game characters according to the opponent's character keeping in mind that your character must overcome the opponent easily. You can merge all your available troops to get a gigantic one or can merge some of the available troops and keep the remaining for use against relatively larger enemies. So fuse & fight strategically to stay in the game and conquer the battle.

Plenty of Rounds to Play

Players can enjoy the fight with a large number of levels & rounds offered by the game. Each round has a different task to cope with and you have to come up with a relatively different strategy accordingly to conquer each level. Each level comes with an opponent & monsters with increasing strength and at the end, you have to fight with the monster’s boss which is the strongest of the opponents faced in all the levels.

Lead Your Troops on the Battlefield

This game is the leadership test of a contestant as you just have to lead your troops & formulate the battling strategy to fuse your troops to transform them into the bigger individuals of the same species to tackle the opponents with this giant warrior. So show your leadership skills & strategic mind to overcome all the enemies and monsters to be the winner.

Mega Kill

As you know this is a multiplayer online competition of monsters merging, so why not play it as a team. Because different minds put in a variety of ideas to make a perfect war strategy. The game allows the players to team up together and come up with a collective strategy to make mega kills.

Aim of the Game

The basic aim of the game is to expand your territory by killing the enemies and overtaking their locations. The more you conquer the locations of enemies the more your territory is vast. So try to take control of all the battlefield areas by overcoming all the enemies.

Quality Graphics

The game brings quality graphics. Enjoy the game in a 3D graphics experience. 3D graphics are perfect to show the gigantism of game characters as well as make map exploring very easy and interesting.

Unlock the Locked Characters

Each time you conquer a level the game awards you with some coins. These coins are a lot worthy as one can use these coins to unlock the locked characters. There are plenty of dinosaurs, monsters and other game characters waiting for you to be unlocked. So win games, earn coins, and unlock new powerful characters to get over the difficult levels.

User’s Privacy & Their Device Security

This game keeps the user's privacy in safe hands by not involving any sort of third-party or leaking your personal info provided to the game. Moreover, the game has won the trust of one world’s trusted app stores for Android devices the Play Store of Google. This ensures the app is perfectly secure for your device.

Download & Installation Steps

Willing to grab the app, just go through the following simple steps:

  • Click the download button to initiate the download process now.
  • Wait for a few moments for completion of apk download. Once the download is done go ahead with the installation.
  • For installation, first of all, go to the main setting menu of your device.
  • Allow the installation of unknown source apps.
  • After allowing the permission, locate and open the downloaded file from the device’s file manager.
  • Click the install in the given install pop-up of apk file to complete the installation of the game.
  • Get registered and you are all set to go.


Love to watch monsters & dinosaurs fights then come & join the best game in this regard. This game is offering plenty of historic gigantic characters including dragons, dinosaurs, Trexes, Monsters, & some of the biggest lizards ever to exist on earth.

Enjoy the monster fights in high-quality 3D graphics, merge the smaller creatures to transform them into stronger and bigger individuals, fight & kill the enemy character of opponent players, go on to cross different levels, unlock stronger & bigger game characters and go on to complete challenges offered in each level to the ultimate boss level. Try to reach & conquer the boss monster, the strongest of all the creatures & characters offered in the game.


Q. Is Merge Master free to Play?

Yes, the game is not going to charge anything from the user and brings all the characters & features along with the game download absolutely free.

Q. Can Merge Master be updated from the Play Store?

Yes, the game is offered in the game library of google’s Play Store and you can easily update the game free from there.


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