Sonic Dash Apk

Version v5.5.0
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Arcade
Languages English
Developer SEGA
99.61% (517 Ratings)



Sonic dash apk is the new version of the running game. It is a complete set of a game having all of the qualities of a best-running application. This apk is an advanced feature loaded with a variety of gameplay. It surely makes you addicted in just a few hours of screen time. The cool and fantastic features of the game have got very famous in just a little time.

The best thing it serves is that it is age-friendly. Thousands of games are available nowadays for fun and amusement but they have the limitations of age. Some of the games are for adults only and some of them are limited to children. But the Sonic dash application is the best combination of all the features so that, people of every age and gender can play it without any hesitation.


It is the best ever running game till now. Amazing gameplay and functions make it very suitable for playing games. Very simple and easy language is used in the game for instructions. Even a newcomer can easily understand the game by instructions.

Moreover, as you get involved in playing the game it gets more difficult and interesting. Further, it diverts your attention from all other points to a single one. This focus-making trick makes your mental condition stable and normal.

Features of Sonic Dash Apk

This ultimate running saga comes with plenty of awesome features enclosed in it. Some best of these are as under.

3D visuals

The animated characters in 3D print make the game very fantastic. It gives the feeling as if you are running by yourself in the game. Get ready for your increasing heartbeat of you. Burning fire and flowing water seem very natural. Mountains and vast fields with lush greenery are like heaven you are experiencing.

Coins and Rewards

Here, the thing which makes the game different from all other games is that you have to collect countless coins and if you got hit by any obstacle all the coins rush out of you. Well, this loss makes you even crazier to collect the more coins again.Coins are the main currency here. You can buy anything with the amount of money you have.On the other hand, many rewards are present at the end of the game. Beautiful skins of the sonic runner, lushing characters, gadgets of amazing technology etc are part of the rewards here.

Mystery box and Diamonds

While running you find mystery boxes here. Boxes have very high and amazing rewards for you. Some of the boxes have also legendary prizes for you.Diamonds are a very valuable and rare asset in the game. You can buy very costly things very easily with diamonds. So, you are now being a king by your own treasure.


The game has very amazing gadgets which you have to pick while running away. Magnet is the very best thing to attract metallic rings towards you. This decreases the chance of being caught and also more ring collection can be done by magnet without losing a single one.Also, speed boosters increase the running capacity and make the run very fast and quick. In contrast of it, speed decreases are also present to minimize the risk of damage. Superpowers are also present to make you eternal for a while. This is for collecting rings and increasing the run rate faster.

Online mode

How amazing it is to play games with your friends? Yes! this apk is providing this facility of running with your friends and playing the game online. Also, you can choose the competitor randomly from all over the world.Now you can stay connected with your friends and family by playing games with them. Indeed it is the best hangout at all. But the game is also available in offline mode.


Regular updates make the game features better. You can choose the stages and environment according to your mode and taste. Verity of mediums is present with specific hazards and difficulties of their own. Some of them have huge fires to burn, some have a rapid flow of water to stop you, and creatures are all around to catch you and roll stones to crush you off. But all you need is the best run.

Endless Run

Limitations ruin the game's fun always. But we have very consciously designed it in such a way to make you amused by an endless run. No limit of boundaries are here, run as far as you can. These are some of our best features at all.


The collection of rings and diamonds is like your money. You can buy anything from here. Variants in character are present. Many colors of the sonic runner with the unique power of each is placed according to their value and prize. So, if you want the best hedgehog then make yourself enough rich to buy it.

Run Rate Chart

The game due to its online feature automatically connects you to the worldwide ranking chart. The player with the best run rate appears at the top of the chart. So, make you enough perfect to remain in the top position in the ranking. Now you will be going to recognize all over the world. Practice nourishing your skills and focus.

Eco-Friendly Game

The game has no negative impact on your mind and health. It has also an eye care mode which you can enable during the night. All you get from here is positivity only. It makes your child sensible and focuses on an ambition.It improves your thinking skills, and reacting behavior of yours. You can be quiet and calm by playing the game. No hazard or damage to your physical or mental health occurs. Don't worry if your child is playing the game. We are making good for you all the time.

Sounds and Control

Very clear and peaceful sound is installed in the game. It suits perfectly the type of adventure in the game. Picking the rings to have a very interesting sound. Every move has a specific way of the song you love. Without any interruption, the sounds and music go on.Very easy controls are uploaded in the game. Swipe up to jump. Swipe right or left to move the hedgehog right or left side respectively. Rolling occurs by sliding the touch down. Double-tap to enable the speed booster.

Installation and Download

The application is all free to download. You can easily install the app on your android phones of all types, on your desktop, play stations, and also on your iPhones. It consumes very low storage of your mobiles.A very small portion of RAM and ROM is needed to run the game smoothly.You can easily download the game from our website by the link given below. The game is totally free to install.


Having such a great game with all of these qualities is amazing. We always think about your taste and nature. It is the total package of fun. Great visuals and graphics in the game, and sound with such great clarity are fantastic.Having great features with all these qualities is amazing. A game which connects you to your family and friends sounds great. Now you can have fun without any cost money. Just it cost your time to make you happy and relax.


Q. Is the game free to download?

Yes, the game is totally free. You can play it online while you have access to the internet. But also it is present in offline mode which doesn't cast any internet.

Q. Can I play it on the desktop?

Yes, you can play it on desktops. PCs and all types of android phones.


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