Ludo Supreme Gold Apk

Version v1.44
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Board
Languages English
Developer Knockout Classic Board Games
98.81% (589 Ratings)



Ludo is one of the most popular board games and the good news is that now you can download the ludo game right on your android smartphones and tabs. On the internet, lots of ludo games are available but only one game has all the features you want. This game is called ludo supreme gold apk.

It is the best board game which has a clean interface. This game has different game modes and all of them are accessible without any money. No matter what your age is, if you are a fan of board games then you will love the ludo supreme gold apk.

What is meant by ludo supreme gold apk

On the playstore, a standard version of this game is available in which basic features are free to access. Ads are a part of this game but it is not so irritating. You can also increase the quantity of your winning coins by watching advertisements. In this game, you can play classic mode, online mode, and practice mode. All these modes have different levels of fun so I must try this game and these modes.  This game looks like a real board game because you can now chat with your friends and family members. Players can also send emojis to each other.

What are the features of ludo supreme gold apk

Different modes

In this ludo game, players can play different modes. In classic mode, you can play games with online players. These players can be from any country or region so it will be more fun to play classic mode. You can also enjoy offline mode in which you can practice your skills.

Play with friends

The best and most brilliant feature of this game is that you can play ludo with your friends. In a private room, you can add up to 4 friends. For this mode, you need a good internet connection otherwise you may get disconnected while playing and in result, you will lose the match.

Send messages

In online mode, you can not only play ludo with your friends or other online players, but you can also chat with them while playing the game. There is an Inbox in the game where you can Chat with friends but you can not start any inappropriate conversation.

Earn money

In this game, you can either win the money and lose the money. You can challenge your friends and if you win the game then you will get double reward.

Login your account

If you want to save game progress login your Facebook account and save your money and game level.

What's new in ludo supreme gold apk

More new dices

In this game, lots of unique dives have been added. If you love these dices of ludo then you have to win the games and earn money. With this money you can purchase these dice. There are many amazing designs on the dice which makes the game more colorful and attractive.

Improved gameplay

This board game was last updated on 22 December. In this update, all the minor bugs and issues have been resolved. There is no bot in this game which means that you can play games with real players.

Improved privacy policies

The privacy policies of this game are very strict and strong. After the latest update, the game has improved and become more secure for all the players.

Why get ludo supreme gold apk

This ludo is not like other casual board games but you can earn real cash by playing online games. This game has really smooth gameplay and the graphics are commendable. You can now kill your boredom by playing this casual board game. Rules of this game are very simple and easy to understand.

Method of downloading ludo supreme gold apk

Go to Google, then go to our website. When you open our website, you will get a download button. Click on the download button and then after giving permission, you will install this game.


It is a super fun game and especially for those who love ludo games. This board game is very simple to use. This game is available for all the devices but the OS system must be 4.4 and up. Now you can challenge your friends in multiplayer mode and win money.


Q. How to remove the ads from ludo supreme gold apk?

Our players who don't want to see the ads can purchase the premium version of this game. In the premium version, you can play your challenges without any distractions.

Q. Can I play ludo supreme gold apk without logging into my account?

Yes it is possible but then your progress will not be saved. And all your progress will be deleted when you uninstall the game.


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