Bomberman Classic Apk

Version v2.0.8
Android Version 2.3 and up
Category Casual
Languages English
Developer John Paule
99.48% (581 Ratings)



Bomberman Classic is one popular classic arcade game including an extreme bombing adventure for smartphone users. It is one of the most popular strategic game titles in the arcade category. A dual strategic game involving offence and defense. 

You have to explode buildings, your opponents as well as obstacles b/w you and your opponents. Meanwhile, you also have to look after yourself and keep yourself safe from enemy attacks and bombs.

Gaming is one of the most in-demand entertainment stuff. Almost every smartphone user plays different sorts of games to kill spare time, entertain and relax. When it comes to gaming, there is an unending amount of games in different categories offered on the internet. The Arcade category is one of the attractive categories of games.

Bomberman is such a classic title which boosts your strategy-building ability & execution of your strategy. You have to plan your strategy according to battlefield and opponent position & strength.  So keep the bomb according to the movement and position of your enemy so that it explodes at right time and blows away your enemy.


The gameplay is similar in both modes of the game. You are given a mission where you have to kill all the enemies within a given time. Initially, your game character is slow in speed and is allowed to place only one bomb in each turn and can’t place the second one until the first one is not exploded. Once you place the bomb it is exploded automatically within 2 to 3 seconds.So you have to keep the bomb and move it away from this bomb before it explodes. You have to explode different blocks which contain bomb boosters that allow you to place more than one bomb at once. Moreover, you can also find running shoes to boost your character speed by exploding different blocks & buildings. The aim of the game is to strengthen your game character, its running speed and the number of bombs placed in each turn so that you can overcome all your enemies within the allowed time & proceed to the next mission. 

Features of Bomberman Classic Apk

This game is outstanding features that make it one of the most charming classic titles in the arcade category of the games. The game characters making it equally lovable for kids & young are given below.

An Endless Bombing Joy

This game does not restrict you to a small number of rounds & levels as the game offers 6 different worlds to play on. Each world contains as many as 50 levels making 300 levels for the complete game. Moreover, each level comprises multiple rounds. So there is an unending amount of bombing battle.With every upcoming round & level, the difficulty of the game goes on increasing. Moreover, you have to fight with a powerful boss at the end of each world to clinch that world to your glory list.

Game Modes

This game offers two game modes. The first one is an offline single-player battle mission mode in which a single player set off for a mission to clear different levels with varying difficulty. While the other one is an online multiplayer battle between other players around the world. In this mission, you also have to kill enemies to be a winner.

Upgrades & Powers

Initially one may find the game odd due to the very slow speed and limited assets & powers of your game hero, but you don’t have to worry about it. Because the game offers plenty to strengthen your hero and makes the gameplay more competitive & interesting.You can increase the number of bombs per each place-turn, upgrade the speed of your game character, enhance bomb power to explode farther enemies & buildings, protective shields to protect your game character enemies and try different costumes hats & outfits for your game character, and plenty of more.

Avoid Curses & Swearing

One probably can’t say it is a feature of the game but it makes the game a bit challenging. Different swearing & curses are there which hinders your march toward your mission. These curses & swearing may shrink your game character, slow down its speed, reduce its efficiency to launch bombs quickly and so on. So it is compulsory to note that one must avoid these curses & swear so that the game character goes to its fullest and cope with all challenges.

Graphics & Sound of the Game

The quality of graphics is very good and according to the convenience of players. Moreover, the in-game sounds of exploding bombs along with engaging background music make the gameplay very immersive and exciting.

Controls of the Game

Though it is an arcade title the developers of the game optimized the controls well to make them perfect for use on android devices. The movements of the characters are controlled by using your device screen as a joystick. The buttons to make abrupt movements, launch & explode bombs are also there.


The game is compatible with all low and high-end android & smartphones. The game is not compatible with iOS, BlackBerry & other such branded devices.

Free of cost

The ultimate bombing joy is free to enjoy in this game and one doesn’t have to pay anything.

Small in Size

The app size is less than 5 MB, hence does not consume too much space of your device.

Privacy & Security

The app does not partner with any third party to share data & keeps your privacy very confidential. Moreover, all the bugs and viruses are kept at the far end to keep your device secure.

Download & Install Process

The process to get the game into your mobile is comprised of a few simple steps. So go ahead to grab the game.


  • Click the button given for download and wait a few seconds till the completion of the download process.
  • Once the download is done, go to your setting menu of the android device.
  • Open the security tab & turn on the unknown source installation.
  • Now open the file that you have downloaded.
  • As you open the file, it will pop up an option to install the file. Just click this option to complete the installation stint.


The arcade category is enjoying great fame in the gaming world. If you are an arcade lover, then this page brings one of the most thrilling titles in the arcade gaming category, the ‘Bomberman Classic’ which is a lot more than gaming fun.Enjoy the experience of unlimited bombing with 300 rounds in 6 different worlds with different game setups and difficulty level. Dual game modes, optimized controls, amazing graphics & sound effects, very small size and immersive gameplay make this classic title a perfect grab for a classic arcade lover.


Q. IS this game supported by iOS Devices?

No, you can’t run this game on any iOS device.

Q. Is there any PC version of the Bomberman Classic?

Yes, one can also enjoy this classic title on his/her PC.


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