Bubble Shooter Apk

Version v15.3.3
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Casual
Languages English
Developer Bubble Shooter
98.38% (557 Ratings)



In a wide array of games, the bubble shooting games have their own unique class & fame. Enjoy the classic version of the bubble shooter game with this app. Clear all the bubbles in the playing field by matching 3 of them in the same color.

Bubble Shooter Apk is a fun-filled game bringing a puzzle of different colors to solve. The bubbles of various colors are arranged in a puzzling manner in the field. You are given a bubble shooting gun that shoots bubbles of various colors. Aim the bubbles of the same color as in your shooting gun to match at least three of the same colors including the bubble shot by you.

With each shoot making three or more bubbles of the same color will eliminate these matched bubbles by popping them down. Continue to match bubbles until you have cleared the bubble field by popping down all the bubbles.

Assisting Stints

When players match the bubbles perfectly and pop up 10 or more bubbles in a single shot they are rewarded with an explosive bomb that can eliminate up to 9 bubbles in one shot irrespective of their colors. They are also assisted by fireballs which can eliminate all the bubbles present in a straight line in a single shoot, irrespective of their colors. This fireball is also rewarded for continuously popping down bubbles in straight 7 shots.

Key Features of Bubble Shooter

A game for good addiction is full of humongous features which will make you addicted to it. Though I can’t enclose all of its features in this short article, I’ll love to introduce some of its fun-filled features to you.

Multi-mode of GamePlay

Players can enjoy the game in two different modes. They can choose between strategy mode & Arcade mode. In the first strategy mode, the player is given a limited number of shots to clear all the bubbles. While in arcade one, the time duration is limited for players instead of shots.

Gameplay Field

The playfield of the game is decorated with eye-catching colors and easily understandable controls. Bubbles in multi-shade are also fun to pop as you can pop them with any color present in the original field bubble of multi-shade.Aim line

A guiding aim line to assist you in aiming better on your desired bubbles. You can use a side cushion to take aim to shoot bubbles to which you can’t shoot directly.

In-game Music & Sound Effects

To make the gameplay more relaxing, relaxing background music is added. Moreover, sound effects for gameplay also add to the fun. Sound for each shoot and popping bubbles down. Sound effects to notify you about filling & availability of fireballs & bombs. Winning music on clearance of each level.

3000 + Levels

Initially, the number of levels was limited to a few hundred by the developers. But with the increasing addiction of players to this game insisted developers add more levels. At the moment the number of levels has gone past 3000 and increasing with every update.

Exciting Daily Rewards

The addictive gameplay causes the users to play it daily. Playing it daily rewards players with exciting assistive stints. Daily rewards include explosive bombs, fireballs, bubble-switching tri-angle, and much more.

Bubbles Switching Tri-angle

This is yet another assisting tool that helps to coop the difficult situations. This triangle gives the luxury to switch between three bubbles from the basket. So choose any of the three bubbles consecutively present in your bubble shooting gun.

Sync With Facebook

Save your game progress by Syncing your game with Facebook. in case you change your device, you just need to log in to the game via Facebook to retrieve your progress of the game made on the previous device. Send invites to your buddies to join this game via Facebook & also share your achievements with them on Facebook. Also, stay in challenge to top the leaderboard for each level. Leaderboard gives score ranking for each of the levels.

No Need for An internet Connection

You just need an internet connection to download and sync with Facebook. Once you have done that, you don’t need any internet connection to play this game or to claim your daily rewards.

Free of Cost

This game is absolutely free to install but does contain some premium features which you can buy if you wish to. You can also turn off in-app purchases from the game’s setting menu.


This game does not interrupt you with ads during gameplay but you can watch ads to get assistive stints & tools and also to get extra shots & time in strategy and arcade mode respectively.


his game is well familiar to almost all the users of android and iOS devices. As this game is compatible with all brands of android & iPhones, Laptops, Tablets, and PC. this game can be played on low-end as well as the high-version devices of both Android & iOS with the same experience of joy.

Download & Install

Just click on the downloaded button provided by this site in the article. The game size is not too big and will take a maximum minute or two the download. Once the download is over, go to the device setting, allow the installation of this app from the security tab here and go back to the downloaded file open the file and click on the install. You can sync the game with your Facebook account to save your game progress as well as to share your game achievements with your buddies.


If you are a gaming lover then I assure you that you gonna be addicted to classic bubble shooting games. Plenty of colorful balls, more than 3000 levels with increasing difficulty one after other, the aim line to assist you for the better shooting of bubbles, explosive bombs for the destruction of the plethora of bubbles in one shoot, fireball to clear all the bubbles arranged in a straight line and aiming at desired colors by using the side walls.

All these amazing features with a cent percent assured of security and privacy of your device by google play, no need for the internet and addictive gameplay make this game one of the finest grab for the gamers


Q. Can I play this game on PC?

Yes, you can enjoy this game on your personal computer & laptop.

Q. How to get Daily rewards?

You can get rewards by syncing your game with Facebook and playing the game regularly.


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