Teen Patti Gold Apk

Version v6.62
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Casual
Languages English
Developer Moonfrog
99.43% (875 Ratings)



Teen Patti Gold Apk is the world’s most popular and most played online card game which offers a variety of card games for players all across the globe. Players can compete in Rummy on the multiplayer table, can try their luck in Andar bahar mode, can play Poker, regular 3 card games and a variety of many other card games.

This game offers all the popular modes of card games including simple 3 card games with a few simplified rules, poker, rummy, Andar Bahar and many others. There are plenty of variants also offered by the app, for example, Muflis mode in which the player with the smallest cards wins the game.

Basic Theme & Gameplay

This is an online card game in which you have to register yourself to enter the game. You can also play as a guest but it makes no sense because whenever you changed your device you can’t have all the chips won in the game as a guest. Chips are the In-app currency of the game to play and bet on different game modes.

You can register yourself via Facebook or Gmail so that you could connect to your friends and play the game with them. Moreover, registration through Facebook or Gmail ensures that your progress and chips are saved in the game.

You have to choose the game mode. Once you select the game mode you will enter a table to compete with other online players. They could be from anywhere around the world and selected randomly by the game itself. You can invite your friends to the table at which you are playing or can create a private table to play with friends together. Bet chips according to your cards, game mode and game rules. Be with me to completely understand the app and game rules.

Features of Teen Patti Gold Apk

Features of Teen Patti Gold apk not just includes the modes of games offered by it rather it has plenty of more amazing features. Let’s find out together.

Compete With Skilful Players

This is an online game. You have to compete with skilful players all across the planet. The number of competent on each table may be one to four as the table has five slots for players. The players on the table are selected automatically. These players are with an almost similar amount of chips to you but maybe different in playing skills.

Play With Friends

As you register your Facebook account on this gaming app you get all your friends on Facebook in a friend list of this game. You can join the table of your friends or can invite them to your table by selecting the friend. firends that are online are shown at the top of the friend list so that you can invite them or can join them easily. Moreover, you can also create a private table to play only with friends and keep strangers away from the table.

Text Chatting and Stickers

This game also offers an in-game text chat. You can send pre-saved template text to all the players on the table as well as can write your own text to send either to all players or any of the players playing on the table. Moreover, this app also allows you to send different gifts, and expressive and trolling stickers to make gameplay more funny and amazing.

Ranking and Stars

The ranking list is also there to show the top winning players from your friend list. The rankings are of different types. Players are ranked on the basis of chips won, hands, won or biggest pot. Moreover, the game badge your profile with stars. With more games you win more levels your profile is upgraded and with more levels, you upgrade your profile and more stars you earn on your profile. On reaching each level you are also awarded with chips.


Rummy is one of the old and very popular card game modes in India as well as all over the world. The rummy mode includes two decks of cards. A maximum five-player participates on a Rummy table. You have to complete one set of 4 cards and two sets of 3 cards to win the game. You can leave the table at any point if you feel you don’t have good cards. In this mode of the game neither you can invite anyone nor others can send you an invite request. 


Poker is yet another popular game mode which is loved all across the globe. In this mode, each player is given two cards in their hand while 5 cards are opened on the table. The player whose cards are making a strong combination set with table cards wins the game. 5 cards on the table are opened in 5 rounds 1 card in each round. So you can bet chips during each round. The number of chips betted on each round if your cards are making a strong combo with table cards.

Andar Bahar

This game mode is all about a bit of better luck. In this game mode, an open card is given on the table and the remaining cards are distributed one by one on two slots. You have to bet your chips on either Andar or Bahar. If a card with the same number falls in your selected slot then you will win.

Other Varients

Among these most popular game modes, there are many other game modes including Ak47, joker mode, Muflis, and 3 Patti regular games. Begum Pakkar in which you have to guess queen from 3 cards that are quickly shuffled.

Bet on Cricket Matches

You can bet your chips on live cricket matches either international cricket matches or matches of the world’s popular franchise cricket leagues including IPL, PSL, BBL, BPL,CPL, etc.


In addition to quick matches on the table, this game also offers tournaments with different entry fees, boot amounts, and pot levels.

Bonus & Rewards

This game provides its users with awards and bonuses. You can send and receive lucky cards to your friends. The number of lucky cards that can be received is 51. Open 3 cards for each round. Stronger your lucky cards more chips you earn.

Moreover, the game also gives bonus chips daily. You can earn extra bonus coins by completing daily assigned tasks. Moreover, ads are also there, you can earn coins by watching ads.

Download and Install

Click on the button for download on this page. After completing the download, open the device setting to allow the installation of apps from an unknown source. open the file and click on the install button.


Teen Patti Gold Apk is the world's most played and most popular online card game. This game is a set of popular card game modes. You can play Rummy, Poker, Andar Bahar, Joker, Muflis, Ak47, 3 card games, tournaments and many others. This game also allows you to bet chips on cricket matches all over the world.

In this card games app, you have to play with real skilful physical players rather than computer robots. Moreover, amazing graphics, uninterrupted gameplay even on a 2G network, in-game text chatting, friend list, ranking, gifts & stickers, daily bonus and much more make this game the best online card game.


Q. Can I earn real money from this game?

Yes, you can sell your chips to earn real money.

Q. Can I play Teen Patti Gold Apk on iOS devices?

Yes, this game can be played on android, iOS devices, and other devices.


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