Version v0.4.9
Android Version Android 5.0
Category Musical
Languages English / Russian
Developer So far so good
98.08% (520 Ratings)



Incredibox is a musical game and an educational tool that is built to help the players and users to create their music mixes and learn multiple rhythms easily by managing a group of beatboxers. The gameplay is simple as the players have to just drag and drop icons on the characters available and start creating their music.

This game features multiple combos and bonuses that include the players to make the perfect and right combos in order to gain access to the animated bonuses provided that helps the users to improve the quality of their mix that they are creating.

Another feature in the game allows the users to record their creations as they are making them and share these with their friends all around the world over the internet. The other players and friends of the player can vote for their favorite mixes.

This voting option allows the players to get a position on the Top 50 charts, that is if they get enough votes for their unique music mixes. There are two modes in the game, one is the manual and other is the automatic mode that allows the users to either create their own or just use the automatic mode to create one for them.

This application has dark mode as well as parental control so that parents can control the children's usage of the application through their devices. As well as the support for physical keyboard has been installed in the application to easily connect the keyboard and use it to play and create music mixes.


Q. What is this application about?

This application is a music application that enables the players and users to create their own music by taking help from a merry crew of beatboxers. This application is half a tool to create music and half a game and provides an amazing audio and visual experience to its users within a few minutes time.

Q. At what age can a person play Incredibox?

This game is available to be played by all ages. It is used by teachers in schools all over the world to introduce the world of music and rhythms to children, then there are adults using it for their beatboxing and music editing and rhythm making and this application has won rewards by AASL by being a best application and for being teaching friendly as well as has a family friendly application label and certificate.

Q. In what languages is this game available?

The website of this tool plus game is only available in English language while the application version for mobile phones and tablets is available in twenty three languages. These include Arabic, Bengali, Italian, Chinese Simplified, Indonesian, German, Hindi, French, English, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Tamil, Turkish, Spanish, Thai, Russian, Telugu, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Korean and Malay.

Q. Is there a requirement to be connected with the internet in order to run this game?

While playing this game over website or on the computer the users need to have a stable and proper internet connection to access the website while using it through the application version, the users does not need to have any internet but will require it only when sharing their mixes or accessing the Top Fifty charts within the application.