Deliver It 3D Apk

Version v1.8.0
Android Version 7.1 and up
Category Racing
Languages English
Developer VOODOO
99.81% (535 Ratings)



It is a bike driving game in which you have to work as a delivery person & have to drive the bike to all respective recipients of parcels you are given to deliver at each level. But you have to make sure that you avoid all sorts of accidents and suffering.Nowadays, one can easily find a huge amount of gaming categories and thousands of games in each category.

Each and every game is developed with the inspiration from any famous game, sport, or character. But the best fact about this game that I personally like about that game is that it is developed on the life & life difficulties of an underrated character of our society the ‘ parcel delivery person.If you have ever thought that his life is easy, then this game is going to prove it wrong by giving you an experience of his daily missions and the difficulties faced in clearing those missions.

You will be given a huge amount of parcels that you have to deliver at different locations to their recipients. Try to maintain traffic rules while driving, avoid accidents and casualties, deliver all the parcels and make deliveries within a given time. These and plenty of more challenges make this gameplay very engaging. Moreover, the game is also racing fun which makes you a bit curious about accomplishing your mission as well as enjoying the racing ride at the same time.


Deliver it 3D Apk comes with very engaging gameplay. It is a thrilling fast-paced bike race with a mission to deliver the parcels to their respective recipients. This game is not rash driving as you often experience in most bike racing games, rather, this game makes you follow all the traffic rules while your drive so that you avoid all those unexpected accidents and deliver all the parcels to the recipients in time.So the aim is to drive safe but deliver within the time. Hence, maintain your speed accordingly, use shortcuts, deliver all the parcels, earn cash and use this cash to upgrade your bike, buy new things and assets for you, and unlock new bikes & other features of the game.

Features of the Game

The game revolves around one of the underrated characters of our society, the parcel delivery person and shows the difficulties as well as enjoyments of his life. The game comes with plenty of features which make it a real crush for racing lovers. Let’s go through the astonishing features of this amazing game.

Bike Racing

Though the game is all about delivering the parcels in time, the game offers awesome free bike racing while delivering those parcels.

Game modes

This game offers multiple modes to enjoy. You can play all alone with different delivery quests in each level. The game also allows you to compete with other players around the world in multiplayer mode where you just do not have to make all the deliveries in time without any collision or accidental damage but also have to be very accurate with your driving and delivery time to overcome the other players.The game offers a multiplayer online mode in which online organic players are in competition with you as well as you can play this online mode all alone. Moreover, the offline mode is also there where you also participate all alone but this mode won't require an internet connection. So choose any of the game modes according to your will and enjoy the game with or without the internet connection either all alone or competing with others.

Plenty of Levels with Increasing Difficulty

In each mode, the game offers plenty of levels to accomplish with each upcoming level with increasing difficulty. With clearing a level and proceeding to the next one the difficulty is increased because the weight of parcels, amount of parcels, and route difficulty increases. Moreover, the time of delivery goes on decreasing with increasing difficulty of levels to make the situation more curious and challenging.

Clear Levels to Earn Coins

Win plenty of coins for clearing each level, as well as in-game cash currency from parcel recipients for making deliveries in time.  These coins are used for the upgradating of bikes & customization of your game character. Moreover, you can also use those coins and cash to unlock new maps to explore them and deliver parcels on those maps.

Upgrades & Unlock Features

As you win coins on clearing each round and cash from recipients for each in-time delivery, you can use these to upgrade your game character by trying new skin & accessories. You can also upgrade & customize your bike with these coins. Moreover, coins can also be used to unlock different new bikes, maps and other game features.

Graphics & Sounds

The game comes with eerily 3D realistic graphics which gives you a feeling of delivering those parcels in real life. The 3D visuals, roads with lush green plants, 3D cars and other traffic visuals, buildings, bus stops, and much more make it a 3D animated movie scene in which you are featuring as a delivery person. Moreover, the crystal clear in-game sounds and music add to the charms of immersive gameplay of ‘ Deliver It 3D Apk ‘.

Controls & Interface

The game comes with a user-friendly interface and simple controls. Just tap on your mobile screen and hold it to keep driving your bike and leave the hold for making a break. The interface also contains a map that informs you about the location of recipients. You can plan your delivery journey according to the positions of recipients as you have to deliver to all the recipients. Moreover, as you reach a recipient & deliver the parcel, automatically a smile and delivery cash is discharged from the recipient.


The game is well compatible with high-end iOS and Android devices higher than the 7.1 version.

Download & Install

As the game is compatible with iOS and android both, the users of android and iOS both can grab this app from here. For downloading the game on either type of device, click on the given button for the download. The download may take a few minutes due to the large size of apk file.After downloading the apk file, open it and click on the install button to complete the installation setup if you are an iOS user. An android user has to allow the installation of apps from the security tab of the main setting menu before installing the app. After allowing the installation android users can open the downloaded file and install it by tapping the install option given when the file is opened.


One can easily conclude this game as one of the finest, most challenging and most engaging bike racing casual games. The immersive and challenging gameplay, increasing curiosity difficulty with each level, ultra-quality 3D visuals & graphics, offline/online game modes, single/multiplayer game modes, plenty of levels, plenty of bikes to try, plenty of maps to explore, compatibility with iOS & android both, and privacy & security ensured by the Apple store & Google Playstore make it a must-have grab for gaming lovers.


Q. Does this game maintain security & privacy?

The security & privacy of this game is ensured by google’s Play Store and Apple store. So one can grab this app without worrying a bit about privacy & security.

Q. Does this game contain any in-app purchases?

Though the app is free to play and bikes & other features can be unlocked with in-game coins but still there some special bikes and features that can be accessed by making in-app purchases.


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