Traffic Rider Apk

Version v1.70
Android Version 5.0 and up
Category Racing
Languages English / Russian
Developer Soner Kara
98.29% (526 Ratings)



It is liberating to play games that have something to do with racing. Action games are cool, but there is something about riding games that is liberating. Don’t you agree that racing games are just the best? 

Traffic Rider Apk is one of the phenomenal games that allows you to experience a real ride. We all love to speed, but we know how dangerous it is to ride a bike in a busy city. However, you can accomplish your dream of riding online.

Riding a bike is not easy if you learn to drive it in real life. However, the traffic rider apk is a feast and allows you to get the hang of its operations in seconds. The game plot is straightforward, and it is very simple for beginners as well. You will have the smoothest ride of your life due to its unbelievably compatible features.

The best thing that you will find in this game is the variety. There are a lot of bikes to choose from, and take them on a smashing ride. You will get points at each interval, which will help you buy accessories later. It is an overall fun game that you can use to take the edge off. You can invite all your buddies to have a smashing game with you.

Camera angle

When you have a bird’s eye view in a racing game, you cannot evaluate the turn quickly. The first-person camera angle is excellent as you can analyze each turn and make the right move on time. It is hard to keep your focus intact when you are playing a racing game.

However, the impeccable features of this game allow you to keep your focus on the road. The zoom view of the rod is enough to build an effective concentration. The chances of you winning the game increase even more.


No one likes a game that does not look appealing or looks dull overall. Graphics play a pivotal role in making people stick to the game for longer. Traffic rider apk is a fantastic game as it is intricately developed with excellent graphics. The developer has paid attention to all the little details very well.

The sound effects make the game seem even more realistic and fun. You can roar your bike and chase your friends to have a successful competition. Through the multi-action feature, you get to challenge your friends. There are a lot of missions that help you unlock the next level.

More than 29 bikes  

We all get bored quickly of the monotony and same repetitive levels. The game may seem attractive at first, but after some time, it gets boring. Traffic rider apk does not allow you to get bored as it gets challenging with each stage.

You can choose from more than 29 different bikes, and each bike has a unique feature. The specification of each motorcycle is diverse, and you can get an individual speed limit. There are real-life inspired bikes, such as Yamaha, Harley Davidson, and many other bikes.

Different surroundings

Don’t you get bored of the same background in a game? Some games are exciting, but they lack visual variety. Well, the traffic rider apk has got you sorted as it provides you every kind of feature. You can compete in day time and night time both. You can also choose different settings such as rocky roads or deserted roads.

Language support

Traffic rider apk is a versatile game, and it allows players from all across the world to enjoy it. If you do not know English, you can still download this game and enjoy its impeccable features. It provides more than 19 language options to choose from, which makes communication easier. You can select your native language and read all the instructions that might help you win.


Q. Is Traffic Rider Apk a multi-action game?

Yes, traffic rider apk is a multi-action game which you can enjoy with your friends or siblings. There is also an option for a single -player, which you can use when playing alone.


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