Plague Inc Apk

Version v1.18.5
Android Version Android 4.1+
Category Simulators
Languages English / Russian
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There are so many games available of different and unique categories. Some are adventure games and some are fighting and racing. Most of the people love arcade and action games. Android is full of games which user can download and play for free. In this article, we will discuss about one of the most popular and unique game on android.

Plague Inc. Is a popular android game and available for free to download. It is strategy type game where you are a scientist and you have to infect the world with your deadly virus. Create a deadly virus in game and infect the people on earth. This is a unique game with unique gameplay. The gameplay is quite simple and interesting. Create and evolve a deadly virus in laboratory and make a strategy to spread this virus quickly among humans. Destroy the humanity and rule the world.

Plague Inc. Is free to play game and there are 50+ countries available which you can infect with your virus. There are 12 different type of viruses which you can evolve in your laboratory. First spread the virus and then make a vaccine of this virus to save the world. The graphics of this game is highly detailed and map looks realistic in game. High quality locations and environment in the game make it more interesting and enjoyable.

Here are the features of Plague Inc. Game.

Advance AI Graphics

Plague Inc. is a unique game with unique and advance AI graphics. You will get all the data of earth on your main screen so that you can handle your virus easily. It has highly detailed environment graphics for details. You can manage the outbreak of viruses and can see the real time report of your virus infection. Observe the different countries in game and start spreading your virus. It has in-game tutorial and help for better understanding. You can understand the gameplay rules by watching the tutorial and help within the game.

Different Diseases

This game is all about creating and spreading viruses and diseases to infect humanity and destroy the world. There are 12 different type of diseases available in the game which you can combine to create a deadly virus. Master these diseases and infect the world and kill as much people as you can in the game. Every disease requires a strategy so you must need a good strategy to use disease. Test these diseases in laboratory and make a strong virus from it. It has comprehensive in-game tutorial to make player understand the rules of the game and strategies.

50+ Countries

This game features 50+ countries which you can infect with your viruses. You can collect real time data of population of these countries. Target these countries and spread deadly virus. Destroy the population of these countries. You can also get the real-time report of deaths within the game. Create worms and other bacteria in laboratory and upgrade them to create fatal virus and worms. This game is totally free of cost and you can experience the new game with great features and more. Discover new bacteria and worms and create viruses to destroy humanity. Make a strategy and wait for mega events in these countries to target huge audience to infect.

Free of Cost and More

Plague Inc. is an awesome game and the best thing is that this game is totally free of cost. There are some in-app purchases available which you can get after purchasing. You can easily download this game on your android device. You can also take the control and save the world from deadly zombie virus. Save humanity and become a hero. Save world from your virus and make strategy to defeat all the deadly viruses. Get this game now and start creating your very own virus and destroy the humanity.


Q. Is plague Inc. game available in mod version?

Plague Inc. Is a great game and completely free to download. It is also available in mod version. Mod version will give you all the premium items for free. Download the mod version of this game and install it using proper instructions. Launch the game and enjoy extra perks.


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