Stardew valley Apk

Version v1.4.5.151
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Simulators
Languages English
Developer Chucklefish Limited
96.13% (594 Ratings)




Stardew valley is a wonderful role playing action game which has been downloaded by millions of players. It is an online farming simulation game in which you are a farmer and you will build a beautiful farm and raise animals. This RPG game is not free to play but you have to spend a little money to download it.

This game is considered as the world's top paid games that gives mind blowing features and realistic environment. Gamers can now download this game in the Android smartphone because it is now available on Google play store. If you are an IOS user than steel you can download and play this game. This game has won multiple rewards because of its powerful performance.

What is meant by stardew valley apk

Do you love to play farming games? If yes then you must download stardew valley apk. It is the biggest farm simulator game where you will perform multiple tasks as a former. In this game, you will grow multiple crops, raise livestock and by completing the levels, you will also upgrade your farm.

It is not a casual farming game but it has so many twists and fun features inside this game. Besides doing all farming tasks, you will also upgrade and customize the house of your player. Every feature of this game is worth playing. Gamers will be surprised by the epic performance of graphics.

What are the features of stardew valley apk

Paid game

It is a paid game which means that you need money in order to play this game.

Grow crops

It is a very relaxing game in which you will grow different types of crops and harvest them to earn money.

Raise animals

You will also buy animals and raise them in your form. From these animals, you can earn money.

Customize your farm

Customization features are also a great thing because it helps to enhance the beauty of your farm. You can expand your form and customize them using different decoration pieces.

Explore caves

Besides form duties and customisation, there is another separate portion in this game where you will explore mythical caves. These games are full of dangerous monsters and you have to fight with them in order to get treasure.

Villager quest

There are different quests in this game in which you can participate. If you want to earn extra coins and gold then you must secure a good position in these villager quests.

What's new in stardew valley apk

Multiple controlling options

It is the only form simulator game which offers you multiple controlling options. You can enjoy touch screen control and joysticks. Users can also enjoy this game with external controls.

Participate in events

Different events take place in this game according to the seasons which is one of the best parts of this game.  Because that's how developers keep maintaining your interest in this game. To win coin and gold you have to win these events.

No in app purchases

It is not a very expensive game which means that you only need to spend some money to download this game and it is for one time only. After downloading the game you will get the complete Access on all the features which means that there are no purchases and everything will be free to use.

Why get stardew valley apk

This game is a complete package of fun and excitement. You can perform many tasks in this game like you can harvest crops by new animals and customize everything in this game. All you need is to spend some money and download this game and you will get addicted to every single feature of stardew valley apk.

Method of downloading stardew valley apk

Below are a few simple steps through which you can easily download this action game.

  1. Click on our website and download the apk version of this game
  2. In your phone's setting, open the file manager
  3. In file manager, there is download folder where the apk file is available
  4. Install this game for free.



In this role playing action game all the features are fun to play. It wouldn't be wrong to say that this game is really an addiction for so many of us. Everything is perfect including controls and graphics. So let's download this game and play a realistic farming game right on your Android phones.


Q. Can I download stardew valley apk without money?

No! It is a paid game and without money, you can not download this game.

Q. Can I play Stardew valley APK without the internet connection too?

No you cannot play this game if you don't have an internet connection. It is an online action game which you can only play when you have high speed internet connection.


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