Stardew Valley Apk

Version v1.4.5.151
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Simulators
Languages English / portuguese
Developer Chucklefish Limited
98.5% (535 Ratings)



Stardew Valley Apk is a role-playing single player farming game. In this game the protagonist is required to take care of a devastated farm. Being a player, you will have to bring the back to life.

You will have to grow up the crops and update the farms with new plants, trees and raw material to create products from and to sell them too. Apk stardew valley allow the players to explore the entire world for free of cost. Moreover, it can flexibly be used on any device may it be an Android phone or pc.

The environment of the game also changes according to the weather. Download stardew valley apk for free as the one on Google play store is a paid version. It is feasible too because it can adjust accordingly in terms of multiple controllers and auto save when being played on phone.

This apk offers with free limitless coins and various other elements for free. Explore multiple aspects of the game throughout including the secret caves, worthwhile treasures and deadly monsters.

The players can also interact with the community by participating in the seasonal contests and other village competitions. Start up your own family by choosing any candidate out of the 12.

Its built-in editor will enable you to design a character of your choice. Other than this you can also play this game on computer without having an internet connection for free. The downloading procedure is itself so easy that only requires quite a few steps discussed in this article along with detailed list of features.

Stardew Valley Apk Features

Free to download.

The app on Google play store is a paid one. However, this apk version costs nothing to be downloaded in any device you want.

Safe to use.

Since it has already been checked for all the possible bugs and errors. Hence, it can be used without any fear of being harmed.

No ads supported.

Stardew valley apk does not allow any third-party involvement this is why it does not support advertisements.

In-app purchases terminated.

All the in-app purchases that cost a lot in the original version have now been eliminated in the apk file. You can buy anything for free to make your farm look more interesting. Buy even the raw material to create new products.

Design character of your choice.

With the in-built designer in apk stardew valley you can easily design the character of your choice.

Generate enough revenue and import items.

Purchase raw material and make products to import earn money from it. Import your crops too to earn more rewards.

Play without Internet.

Stardew valley apk can also work without an internet connection if downloaded on pc.

Numerous controlling options.

This game has got various control options like touch screen, via joystick, mouse if playing on pc.

Get limitless coins.

Download stardew valley apk to get unlimited coins to purchase anything in the game without spending real currency.

Download Stardew Valley Apk

Allow the device to receive this app from unknown source.

Use the link on this website to Download this apk.

Save the downloaded app in the device.

Install Stardew Valley Apk

Download stardew valley apk from the link on this website.

Store the downloaded app in any folder of your device.

Install the downloaded and saved apk.

Open the game, design your character and start playing.


There are many farming games but stardew valley apk has its own worth. It gets the player indulge in a role play where one has to improvise the farm. The player will have to grow crops and import raw material and products to earn rewards. They also get a chance to socialize with other in-game characters. The plus point is that this apk version is all free to use and download.


Q. How to download Stardew valley apk on pc?

Follow these instructions to get this game on your pc.
1. Download stardew valley apk from this website.
2. Save downloaded app in your pc.
3. Download any Android emulator.
4. Browse the downloaded apk file through emulator.
5. Install the game, run and start playing.

Q. Can I play stardew valley apk without internet?

Yes, stardew valley apk can be played without an internet connection only on pcs.


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