True Skates Apk

Version v1.5.50
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category sport
Languages English
Developer Illusion Labs
99.45% (550 Ratings)



This game is a realistic & high-quality skating adventure for mobile users. If you are a skating lover but never mastered skating tricks neither in reality nor in any video game then this game is providing you with a high-quality skating world with a huge amount of skating tricks to try.Killing boredom in spare time with some amazing fun-filled games is the hobby of every person. 

There is an unending amount of different online and offline games in a wide array of different categories. Sports games are among the most popular gaming categories. Skating games are one of those titles that fall in the sports category.Among plenty of available skating titles, this probably is considered as most realistic & loved skating game all across the globe. 

It is because of addictive gameplay, realistic high-quality graphics, plenty of skating parks and locations with realistic designs, a wide array of skates to try, plenty of skating ticks to master, all the controls & tricks on your fingertips and plenty of more amazing features.


This is an addictive skating adventure. Different challenges, tricks to perform, and contests b/w players around the world make players very engaged and addicted to the game. As the game progresses the challenges to cope go on increasing and also your curiosity to overcome those challenges also becomes an addiction.Moreover, quality graphics, beautiful but challenging skate grounds, charming skateboards, and tough contests among the players to top the global leaderboard make the game more interesting and addictive for the players.

Features of the Game

If something stands tall among other competitors, then it must have some prior qualities and features. This game is a top-notch title in skate games and has such features that make it stand tall among other skating games. Let’s find out what makes it the best skating game.


Initially, the mobile games were not of as high quality as we loved to enjoy on PC. It was because most of the mobiles did not exist any powerful processor RAM/ROM to perform well with those heavyweight ultra-quality graphics of games. The developers have to do a lot to match graphics with those low-performance mobiles.But advancements in mobile technology brought us mobiles that have powerful processors and excellent RAM/ROM. Moreover, graphics technology is also revolutionized. This allows the developers to craft very high-quality game graphics. Nowadays, graphics of the game are in high demand and makes the basic success ground for any game. This game’s popularity is mostly because of its ultra-quality realistic graphics.

Online & Offline Modes of the Game

Playing games with buddies always makes your gaming adventure more exciting and crazy. This game also kept a close eye on this demand of the users and allowed them to play the game in both online as well as offline modes.In online mode, you can invite & play against your friends as well as all the other players around the world by challenging them in skate rings. While if you don’t have an internet connection or you are a newbie then you can also play & practice all alone different skate tricks and free skating in offline mode. 


Have a close eye on leaderboard for your standings as well your friends and top players around the world. Master all the tricks, be a pro player and don the leaderboard by overcoming all the players from all over the world.

Maps & Levels

This game won’t let you bore with a single map containing the same locations, hurdles and visuals as the app offers a variety of maps to explore for the players. The maps offered by the game include Fantasy Spots, Real Street spots, The Berric and others. Among these spots, there are a few leagues also to participate e.g., street league.Each map has a different number of levels and each level has varying tasks & difficulties. Each level has different hurdles, tasks and skates courses.

Controls of the Game

The second most attractive feature behind graphics is control of the game. This game comes with touchscreen controls. You can even play the skating adventure with just a single finger as the game controls allow you to make all the movements, tricks etc by just moving or swiping your fingers over the screen.Moreover, a tutorial is also there for newbies. The game controls are so simple & tutorial of the game controls is so elaborative that even a newbie can learn it in the first go.

Master All the Skating Tricks

This game allows the users to perform differently given tricks as well as they can also bring their innovations to these skating tricks.

Skate Courses & Skating Rings

There is a huge amount of skating courses and skating rings. You can choose any of your desired available rings for your skating adventure.

Customizable Skateboards

In real life, if you use a skateboard on a rough & tough patch or use the skateboard for a long time, it usually gets damaged. The same is the case here, if you use your skateboard for a long time or perform some typical tricks on scratchy patches then it also gets damaged.But thanks to upgrade-alerts, you are notified by the game that your skateboard is damaged and requires some compulsory damage repairs & upgrading or even it is completely destroyed and must be replaced with a new one.


This game can be enjoyed on both Android as well as iOS devices.

Privacy & Security

The trust of iOS technology of Apple mobiles, millions of players from all over the world and the presence of the game on two world’s most trusted app stores (i.e. Apple Store & Play Store) ensure the privacy and security of the app.

Download & Installation

The iOS users can grab the game from Apple’s official app store while the android users can get the game from this page easily. If you are an android user then click the download button and get the app now. The download will take its time as the size of the game file is around 400 MB due to the high-quality graphics of the game.After completing the download you can open it and install the game easily. If your unknown source permission is turned off then turn it on from the security tab of your mobile’s main setting before installing the game.


Skating is one of the most thrilling adventures that everyone wishes to enjoy. If you are an adventure lover then must try this online skating adventure against your friends and players around the globe.The addictive gameplay, ultra-quality graphics, tough competition b/w organic online players from all over the world, a challenge to top the globe on the global leaderboard, plenty of maps & levels to explore, and a huge variety of skateboards, amazing skating ticks and much more. So come and join the community of True Skates now.


Q. Can I download this game for free?

Yes, it is free to download as well as play either alone in offline mode or against organic players in online mode.

Q. Is there any in-game purchase?

Yes, there are in-game purchases but there is still plenty to enjoy free.


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