Mafia City Apk

Version v1.6.122
Android Version 4.1 and up
Category Strategy
Languages English / Turkish
Developer YottaGame
95.33% (557 Ratings)



Have you ever dreamed of becoming the Alpha gangster? If yes, then Mafia City apk is just for you.

Mafia City apk is an action packed adventurous and strategic game launched by Yotta Games, a Chinese game developing Company. Although launched in 2017, this Shanghai based thug game has managed to gather immense popularity because of its awesome graphics, amazing service and its ability to connect with any player from all over the globe.

  It is a high budget game as the voice over for the characters have been done by notable American actors such as Joe Goffeney, Hayley Nelson, and Nola Klop. The founder of Mafia city hile apk application made sure that people using both android and iOS operating systems could equally enjoy this game.

The game requires good time management as well as a strategic brain. It functions with real time and keeps its player busy throughout the year by continuous battles with opponents. On a click, one gamer gets connected with another, irrespective of their geographical location and can form teams and allies in order to win through the various challenges hurled at them.

The thrill of collecting luxury cars and letting the police chase you, is unmatchable. It lets you be your own king and allows you to choose your own team. The game consists of a wide range of arms, vehicles, weapons and bikes as well as loyal men who will fight from your side.

The application is free to use for everyone. The game application collects your relevant personal information that includes your name, email address, player name, game password, profile photo and your IP address.

Mafia City APK Features

HD screen and Zoom:

The game is in high resolution that also allows one to zoom in through their territory and look for on-going expeditions.

Technology Trees:

The splendid technology trees in Mafia city apk hile allows you to purchase efficient arms and crew members.

Crew Members:

The game allows one to recruit strong and ruthless crew members that are loyal to the gang which will eventually help One’s reign get stronger. The brotherhood code is super strong.


The large scale maps help one explore new foes and new buildings that are updated on a weekly basis.

The more the merrier:

The game consists of a large variety of artillery and transport vehicles to choose from. The bikes are super-fast and help you carry your mission swiftly. Moreover, the powerful guns will help you defeat your foes in a blink of an eye.

Easy to function:

The Mafia city apk is very easy to function and it offers a step by step guide for its new users.


You can customize your crew leaders or your territory buildings. There is a wide range of defense towers that you can build to secure your territory.

Weekly Events:

The weekly contests help you buy more weapons, bikes and crew members if you win them with your strategic planning.

Mayor City Announcements:

A special feature allows Mayors to make city wide announcements.   

Multiple Languages:

Mafia City mod apk enables a person to change languages according to their preferences. It offers different languages from Slovenian to Amharic to Swahili. You name it, and it will be there.


Troops in Mafia City Apk consists of  Shooters with machine guns, Bulkers with brute strength and fight with knives or bare hands, Bikers that can swiftly move from one place to another without getting caught, and Vehicle with loads of weapons with own defensive capability on a battlefield. 


To fill the air of tension with a little bit of calmness, Babes are also an integral part of mafia life.


The game contains adult language, alcohol and smoking images and frequent casino and nightclub episodes, so viewer discretion is advised.

Mafia Newspaper:

the daily significant events that occur in the mafia city mod apk can be seen in this category.


Mafia City apk consists of a worldwide , professionally made, translating system that will convert any language in one’s desired language in a couple of seconds.

High FPS:

Mafia City apk has a high frame per second ratio which creates a smooth game play.

Safe and confidential:

For Mafia City hile apk security and privacy of its users is of great importance. It keeps their private and personal information confidential at all costs.

How to download Mafia City apk?

Search for “Mafia City apk hile free download”.

Click the download button. It will be downloaded in a couple of minutes.

How to install Mafia City apk?     

After downloading the APK file, tap on it to start its installation.

If a downloaded file couldn’t be found, then search for it in the device's download section.

Allow your device to accept installation from unknown sources or from sources. In order to do so, visit “Settings” > “Additional settings/ More” > “Developer options” and finally enable the “Unknown sources”.


Mafia City apk is a strategic game that requires wit and leadership skills to execute the game plan. It is free, easy to play with amazing features for game lovers. It allows unlimited game play, high Fps, HD quality graphics with thrilling game play, and all this while keeping private information confidential. It also allows one to choose their troops, language of communication and their artillery.


Q. Does it allow connecting with people that are not from your country?

Yes, one can play with anyone they like, irrespective of geographic boundaries

Q. Is Mafia City only downloaded on a phone??

No! You may use your tablet or any iOS device as well as your desktop to download this app. It is compatible with all devices.


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