Stick War: Legacy Apk

Version v2020.2.77 Mod (a lot of money)
Android Version Android 4.0
Category Strategy
Languages English / Russian
Developer Max Games Studios
90.19% (805 Ratings)



Internet is full of awesome and popular games which you can download to entertain yourself. Games are the best to kill free time. Android has thousands of awesome games which you can download and play for free. People love fighting and arcade games because these games are challenging and fun.

Stick War Legacy is one of the most popular and fun game in stickman series. It is a challenging game where you can control your army unit and war against other stickman army. Build army units and control every stickman easily to win the war. Build different gold mines and learn the art of sword, spear, archer, mage and even more. You can war against other armies and destroy them to capture the territories. It is a free to play game with unique animations and visual effects. Controls are pretty simple and easy to understand in this game.

Play classic campaign in game or you can also play mission mode to complete missions. It has an amazing map with multiple rewards. Play survival mode and defeat endless zombies. Survive till last man and make new record in the game. Capture different territories and become the king of the world. Destroy hordes of zombies and monsters and power up your army.

Here are some great features of this game.

Mission Mode

The game has several game mode and mission mode is one of them. Complete missions and earn different rewards. Every Friday, game releases new levels and missions which you need to clear in order to be on top. It has saga type map with multiple rewards. Unlock more army units and build strong army. Destroy other armies and become the king of their territory. Get new levels and missions every week and keep yourself engage within this game.

Difficulty Levels

The game has different difficulty levels such as Easy, Medium, Hard and Insane. You can play game in any difficulty level. Complete the game in easy difficulty level and then higher the difficulty level and reach up to Insane level. Unlock crowns for all difficulty levels and improve your skills. Beat different armies in different difficulty levels. It has multitude of different game types including Win before sunset. Play Deathmatch or Forward Statue. There are more game types which you can play.

Create Units

You can create army units with different soldiers. Create unit and adjust different soldiers in your army. Put arrow stick in all the units. Create an amazing strategy to win the game. Improve unit formation and win every war with your army. You are the commander of your army and you can control all the stickman soldiers of your army.

Graphics and Animations

The game has simple graphics but stunning animations. Visuals are great and look stunning. Animations and sound effects make the game even more interesting and fun. Cool environment and locations in game enhance the gaming experience. The game has simple and easy controls. You can set controls according to your choice for better gaming experience.

Survival Mode

There is a survival mode in this game where you fight against hordes of zombies and monster. It is an endless war between you and the zombies. Create a strong army unit and see how many nights you can fight with these zombies and monsters. Survive till last and earn valuable rewards and unlock more army units to expand your army.

Unlock Items

There are different items which you can unlock such as weapons and armor for your army. Play different game modes and unlock weapons and armor for your army unit. Play tournament mode and war against dozens of AI challengers. Earn Crown of Immortal and defeat all the challengers. Unlock different skins for all of your characters. Apply skins and make your army look unique and strong. This game is full of fun and based on strategy. Download it for free and start playing it on your android device free of cost.


Q. Is Stick War Legacy a safe Apk?

Yes, this app is totally safe and you can easily download the Apk of this game without any problem. Apk file is fully scanned and secure from all the viruses.


Stick War: Legacy ApkStick War: Legacy ApkStick War: Legacy ApkStick War: Legacy ApkStick War: Legacy Apk