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Version v8.8.3
Android Version Android 6.0+
Category Communication
Languages English
Developer Telegram FZ-LLC
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Telegram is a messaging application that allows you to send messages and stickers to friends, groups, and channels. The program supports voice and video calls, making it easy to reach out to your contacts without having to worry about the lack of internet connection. It also offers end-to-end encryption for all your messages, so you can rest assured that nobody will be able to read them except for the person you're communicating with.

It is available on desktop computers and mobile devices, so you can use it no matter where you are or what device you're using. It seamlessly connects you to the people you love, wherever they are in the world. As soon as you open this app, you can reach people by their usernames or phone numbers. 

Or set up an auto-reply from your phone, so people know when to expect you to reply.The special thing about it is that it's free, and it doesn't require a phone number or any kind of registration. It's extremely secure, and it allows you to communicate with people who don't have accounts on it. The app is available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices as well as desktop computers with Chrome or Firefox installed.

Features of Telegram apk

This versatile app also has some unique features that make it stand out from other messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

Private Chats

Private Chats are another cool feature that lets you set a timer for how long someone can see your message before it disappears from their device forever! You can also choose whether others can forward your private chats or not when they're sent over an invite link.It has a built-in feature called “Secret Chat” which allows you to send encrypted messages that self-destruct after a set time period or when both users delete the conversation from their devices. This feature is perfect for those who want extra security and privacy when communicating on their phones or computers.

Editing texts

The Edit Messages feature lets you edit the content of your messages after sending them. For example, if you've sent a message with a typo, or if you want to change something about the message before you send it out. You can use this feature by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner of your message box. Then click on "Edit Message", or tap on the Edit button at the top of your screen when viewing your messages.

Extremely Secure

Since this app is a cloud-based instant messaging app, it allows users to send messages and share media. It also offers encrypted end-to-end chats, making it incredibly secure. This app is free, open-source and available on all major platforms. It has a variety of features that make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to keep their communications secret and secure.

Last Seen

Last Seen Online is a feature that allows you to see when your contacts have been online. It's similar to Facebook's "last seen" feature, but it's private—you can only see when your contacts have been online if they've opted in to show this information. This feature is useful for seeing if friends are available on this app, and for checking up on their activity.

 Create Group Members

You can also create groups for up to 200 members, and chat with up to 50 people at once. Groups have their own dedicated chat rooms as well as group administrators who can manage the group's settings, edit or delete messages sent by other members, and add new members.

Configure Bots

Bots are a special type of account you can add to your account. They can be used to send automated messages, play games, or perform other tasks. The bot platform allows you to connect your software services with this app’s chat system so that users can interact with them. You can add bots to groups or channels, and then customize their behavior by writing a set of commands in a programming language called JavaScript.

Privacy & Security

The app is very popular all over the globe and attracts millions of users. Moreover, the app is trusted by both the Apple store and Google play store and is equally popular among iOS as well as Android users. All the trust of users and verifications of the app from the world’s most secure and trusted app store suggest this app maintains the user's privacy at a high and is very secure for your device whether you use an iOS or Android device.


The app is compatible with iOS, Android as well as other brand devices.

Downloading and Installing the App

If you are socializing bee and willing to enhance your social networking with Telegram then just follow these simple steps to get this app into your android device.

  • Click the download button now to initiate the downloading process.
  • App size is just under 50 MB so might take one to two minutes to download, so wait until the completion of the download.
  • After completing the download, open the device's main setting and allow the installation of apps from unknown sources.
  • After allowing this permission, just go to the downloaded file and complete the installation by opening the apk file and clicking on the install button.


From its security and interactions to its interface and speed, it really is the best available cross-platform app out there. Yes, it doesn't offer as many features as some other apps, but it does what it does so well. There's no excess here; Telegram feels like the Google of chat apps. It doesn't do anything superfluous like stickers or bots. Instead, the app focuses on its core function and does it perfectly. If only all apps were as good as this one!


Q. Can I access my chats from other devices?

Yes! You can access your chats from any device by logging into your account at when you're signed in to your account on the web browser version of Telegram.

Q. Is Telegram safe?

Yes. It is built in accordance with the strictest security standards and encourages everyone to use two-step verification when possible.


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