Google Chrome Apk

Version v104.0.5112.97
Android Version Android 4.1 and up
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Languages English
Developer Google LLC
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When it comes to browsing, chrome is one of the leading browsers in the world which gives unleashed browsing and downloading experience with its unending streak of state-of-the-art features. You can go with proxy, incognito and other browsing modes for unlimited and unrestricted super-fast browsing & downloading with this top-notch browser.

Currently, all the world is using the internet for different purposes and to browse different websites, pages, app stores or other internet platforms, one must require a browser on his device. There is a wide range of browsers available for different kinds of devices. This chrome browser is one of them and is in fact leading the chart.

A huge amount of features and services offered by this browser make it a compulsory part of your mobile. Super fast browsing, speedy downloads, luxury to go incognito, with proxy or without proxy browsing, bookmarks, syncing across devices and plenty of more state-of-the-art features make it the world's leading browser.

Features of Chrome APK

There is an unending streak of amazing specifications and features enclosed by this app. Let’s review a few important ones here.

Super-fast Browsing

The first and basic feature of a browser is always browsing. Among plenty of available browsers on the internet, this one is the fastest of all. Everything is just one touch away from you. Browse unlimited sites, pages, articles, internet platforms and much more at a super fast pace without any restrictions.

Different browsing mode

This browsing app offers a variety of browsing modes for users. If you are concerned about your browsing history then you can browse unlimited sites without a browsing history with incognito windows offered by this browser. So stay incognito and browse the world.

If any website that you are trying to reach is restricted in your region then you go for a VPN or other extensions of this browser to access these sites. You can also enjoy proxy-free browsing with the proxy-free mode of this browser.

Easy Syncing Across Your Devices

You don’t need to provide login credentials all the time to sign in to this browser on your various devices because this browsing app comes with smart and easy syncing. Once you log in to this browser from any of your devices, all your saved passwords, bookmarks and searches will also be synced across all your other devices.

Super-Speedy & Smart Downloader

This browser is much more than a browser as it also serves as a downloader. You can download whatever you wanna download. So download high-quality videos, music in different formats, images, files, apps, games or anything else within seconds with the super downloading speed of this app.

This app not just goes on to download things quickly but also makes sure the security of your device. If you are going to download a file that belongs to third parties or is hazardous for your device then it will give you a security warning that you are grabbing harmful content.

Multiple windows & Tabs

This browser allows you to add as many browsing windows as you want if you are using it on a PC, if you have this browser on your mobile phone or tablet still it allows you to browse with plenty of tabs at a time. You can easily switch from one window/tab to another.

Moreover, this browser always remains the page or site opened in any tab or window. You can come to visit this site or page by just switching to this tab/window. Even if you have restated your mobile you won’t be lost your browsed sites in different tabs.

Offline Access

This is another awesome aspect of this browsing app, as it not just allows you to download videos, music etc to access them offline later but you can also download & save different web pages to access them offline.

So you can open your saved pages, sites and downloaded videos, music and other content offline from the download button included in this browser. You can also manage different ongoing downloads from this download button menu to pause, resume, or remove them.

Built-in Language Translator

If you are on a page that is not in your language but you are willing to know about this page's content, then you can simply change the language of this page with the built-in language translator of this browser which is capable to change the given page in any language of the world with a single tap within a second or two.

Easy Sreach and Browsing

This browser remembers what you have searched. When you search anything that you have previously searched, this browser will autofill the complete search word by just typing its first syllable. Even if you have never searched any word or site before, still this browser will provide all the top sites or pages related to your typed world to prevent you from typing the whole search word.

Voice Search

If you are not willing to type, or wanna get something quickly you can also go for a voice search. So just tap the search mic, make a voice search and get all your desired content within seconds.

Notifications & News Alerts

You can add different news pages to your favourite and turn on alerts for your favourite pages to get the latest news alerts from these pages instantly. You can also manage your notification and limit a few sites or pages to send notifications to you.

Chrome Extentions & Tools

This is an amazing factor that makes this browser a lot superior to others. You can add different helpful tools and extensions to your browsers like Grammarly, VPN, proxy tools,  and other helpful extensions & tools in this browser.

Download & Installation

This app is free to download for all sorts of devices from all sorts of platforms. This browser can be downloaded for PC, laptops, iOS, devices, android phones, and all other sorts of smart mobiles and devices.

Android users can get this amazing browser from this page with a one-tap download offered by this site. So tap the included download button now to start downloading. After downloading, open the file and install it.


Chrome is one of the world’s best browsers that gives super-fast browsing, speedy downloads, a variety of browsing modes, bookmarks, offline webpages to access them later, easy syncing across devices, and plenty of other amazing features and services.


Q. Can I get the Chrome browser from PlayStore?

Yes, you can easily download this browsing app from the Google Play store as well as from this page.

Q. Are there any ads while browsing?

Yes, there are ads while browsing different web pages but you can completely restrict all the ads by adding an ad-blocker extension to your browser.


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