UC Browser Apk

Version v13.4.0.1306
Android Version Requires Android 2.2
Category Communication
Languages English
Developer UCWeb Singapore Pte. Ltd.
99.82% (569 Ratings)



UC Browser is a product of a Chinese company UCweb which stepped in with this fantastic, fast, free and perfect browser app in 2004. The popular browser soon won the trust of the world’s leading brands including BlackBerry, iOS devices, Android smart devices of all brands, Java Me, Nokia and many others and attracted millions of users of the above-mentioned brands.

Now it is a go-to app for millions of users with different devices all across the planet for browsing & surfing the internet.Internet is the need of the hour for everyone in this modern world. Almost every user of any smart device, mobile, or PC does require an internet connection. To browse the different sites on the internet, every device requires a browser.

When it comes to browsing then you will never find anything better than this UC browser.It is much more than a browser. With UC, enjoy unlimited browsing, download videos, photos, movies, apps, games & much more. Enjoy online shopping from the world’s leading online markets with UC, and stream online videos and live broadcasts.

Features of UC Browser

I’m coming straight to those world-class browsing features that make it a prior choice of hundreds of millions of users for multi-task stints.

Lightning Fast Browsing

A distinct difference that a user of other browsers can easily observe in the UC browser compared to other browsers is the rapid browsing speed of the UC browser. The success in achieving fast browsing speed is just because of its data compression technology which compresses the data to shrink its size so that it is loaded faster and cloud acceleration technology which loads the browsed page upfront even before it is loaded into the browser. Moreover, the smaller footprint of this browser assists it to load things faster.

Data Saving Browser

The other major difference that differentiates this browser from others is its data-saving feature. As the browser has a very rapid and precise compression technology which compresses the page data without daunting the quality of content, which not just makes page loading quicker but also saves a lot of data with the shrunk size of data being loaded.An estimated calculation tells that a UC user can save around 80% of their internet data while browsing with this app. It means it provides faster services without falling heavy on your internet data plan.

Smart & Swift Downloader

The app works as a browser plus downloader. You can download videos, photos, apps, games, zip files, movies, audio tracks, music, etc from the internet in all available formats. The download speed is boosted as the app ensures a stabilized internet connection for your downloads.Moreover, the app allows the users to define download paths as well as to manage multiple downloads at a time. If your internet connection is interrupted by a phone call or any other reason the app doesn’t ask you to restart your downloads rather it resumes the downloads from breakpoints automatically.

Smart Built-in Video Player

Despite being a browser the app does not restrict you to browsing only rather it allows you to stream videos before downloading them to your device as well as stream live telecasts of different events and matches from all over the planet. The video player not just streams online but is much smarter.As the video player brings gesture controls and users can run & control videos, movies and streams with gestures of their fingers. Gesture controls of the video player allow adjusting the brightness of the screen, volume, reversing/ forwarding video, switching to the next or previous video etc.

 UC Drive

To enhance the trust of users & to help them in maintaining their device spaces, this app introduces its own cloud drive namely UC Drive. This drive gives a cloud space of 20 GB to keep downloaded files. This helps a lot to manage your device and external storage easily.


Add-ons are actually those assistive tools that you download and add to your browsers on your PC as you do for Firefox or chrome on your PC. But none of the browsers will allow you to have add-ons in your browser on android devices except your favorite UC browser. You can download and add as many extensions to your browser as you want. In addition to extensions, it also allows using other add-ons for your browser on mobile or android devices.

 Ad Blocking Feature

The most annoying part for any user during a browsing session is facing ads. But this app does not let any kind of ads harm its users. It has a built-in ad-blocking function as well as you can add extensions for blocking ads.

 Customizable Interface

Well, the app has a very simple & easy to use interface, but still, it allows you to customize it according to your convenience. At the top of the interface is a place to search your desired site or content you wanna browse. Below the search bar, there are plenty of shortcut icons for different top-ranked and recommended sites. Here you can make changes by adding a new site to these shortcuts, removing different sites or sorting them out. Moreover, the app also allows you to tinker color, theme, brightness etc of the interface. A night mode is also there to try at night for better eye contact with the device screen making the screen light less harmful to the eyes at night.Though the app has many more features such as content recommendations, data transfer b/w devices, rewards & prizes, news alerts, cricket cards, file management, Facebook mode and much more, it's hard to cover all of them in a single article so let’s move towards the process to grab the app for your android device.

 Download & Install

The download is very easy & quick. Due to the reduced size of the app one can download the apk file within 2-3 minutes by clicking the download button. After downloading the app file open it and click on the install button to accomplish the installation process.


If you use the internet and are willing to have a perfect browsing app for all sorts of devices including PC, Laptops, iPads, tablets, Android devices & others then UC Browsers stand ahead of all other browsers in the market.Fast browsing, swift & smart download, customizable interface, shortcuts to favorite site, add-ons, extensions, ad-blocking, built-in gesture control smart video player, 20 GB cloud storage in UC Drive, and up to 80% data saving make it best as a multi-functional browser


Q. Is there any lite Version of the UC Browser?

Yes, UC mini is the lite version of this amazing internet browser designed for low-end devices.

Q. Is this browser completely free for surfing & browsing?

Yes, this app comes with unlimited free surfing & browsing.


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