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Google Meet APK is an online meeting app in which you can meet up to 100 participants via video call conference. This app is developed and operated by Google. So meet plenty of people at once through video meetings in high-quality video & audio service and all this with end-to-end encryption from Google.

This is an era of most advanced technology. There are plenty of apps and social media platforms that give you the services to connect, talk and watch your loved one from all over the world through video calling. But this app is a step ahead of all those apps in the market.

Google meet is actually designed for the convenience of business and office work communities. This app allows them to conduct distant meetings from any part of the world. As this app offers high-quality video calling with crystal clear audio and one can add up to 100 of his employees or colleagues in a meeting.

More About the App

The free version of the app limits participants of meeting to 100 but if wanna add some people to meet then go for the paid version of Google meet which gives you the luxury to have participants as many as 250. This app does not have any time limits for video meetings. You can switch on/off your camera as well as your mic during your online meeting. The app informs you about any candidate joining or leaving the meeting.

Basic Features of Google Meet APK

As you know Google is a multi-planet brand and all of its products and services are of branded quality, then you must expect the best from this app also. The app is fully armed with plenty of world-class features some of which I’m going to share with you.

Video Layout

Most of the apps work on numbers and try to enhance quantity rather than quality. But for Google quality is as important as quantity. Hence Google Meet not just allows you to conduct a meeting with a large number of participants but also gives you a quality video layout.

You can choose from a number of video layouts offered by the app. This is not finished here, the app also allows you to customize these layouts. You can customize your sidebar according to your convenience. If there are plenty of candidates attending your online meeting, you can choose the number of screen cells of candidates to show on the screen. This app allows you to have 16 cells enclosing participants. The paid version can also expand this number of cells.

Video Quality

Driving your business in remote areas and having to travel long for meetings with employees, then go for high-quality online meetings with Google Meet APK. this app gives you the best videos quality in low latency with transparent images. The video stream is amazingly smooth and there is a very rare chance for any sort of image lag as well as stripes & flashes.

Audio Quality

Google Meet ensures crystal clear audio during your online meeting with its amazing noise cancellation features which brings clear voices by filtering out all the noise. Even if two or more people speak at once during the meeting the listener can clearly distinguish between the voices of the speakers.

Screen Sharing

Hosting an online meeting and willing to share some documents of your device with the participants, don’t worry google Meet allows you to do that as it continues your online meeting in the background even if you optimize the app. All you need to do is to click on the screen sharing button in the sidebar, optimize the app and locate the file which you wanna share. You can share images, videos, pdf documents, and much more via screen sharing.


This app gives you the luxury to understand each and every point discussed in the meeting more easily via its real-time subtitles. The subtitle feature gives the written description of each sentence spoken in the meeting. You can easily write down all the important points discussed in the meeting without bothering to speakers.

Interface & Control Panel

This app has a very simple but complete and easy-to-use interface. This app doesn’t ask you to sign up if you are already a Google user. You can carry on by signing in to this app via your Google account.

Once you are signed in just tap on the new meeting button to host your own meeting. After setting the meeting an invite code will be automatically generated. You just share this code with the other participants via mail or any other means. The code join button is just beside to new meet button which allows the users to join the meeting via this special code of this particular meeting.

All the other controls like screen sharing, documents sharing, adding new participants, or removing any participants are decorated on the respective sides. You also have the option to switch off/on the camera or your mic by just their respective icons.

Free & Secure

This app comes with google play protection which gives world-class data security to its users after all it's a google product. So feel safe as google tackles all your shared content with high privacy and cent percent security.


As google is used all across the planet and has been used in almost every type of device of every brand. The compatibility of this device is also the same. You can use this app on mobiles, laptops, tablets, PCs, and smart TVs of all brands.

Download & Installation

You can snap this app from google gallery or from this app. If you loved this app and found our article satisfying then click on the download button. Open the file as the download completes and click on the install icon. And you are all set to dive into a new Experia for business meetings, and online classes.


If you are a businessman or an office employee and willing to conduct a meeting with your employees or colleagues who are pretty remote from you, then Google Meet Apk is the best app that you can use to arrange an online meeting or an online class shared by a teacher with his students.
This app is developed and operated by Google and is completely secure & free to use. This gives you the luxury to have an online meeting with participants as many as 100, with superb video quality and amazing filtered voices. This app allows you to run it in the background and enables you to share your device screen if you want to show a piece of document to your participants. All these and many more amazing services put forward by the app make it the best app to meet online.


Q. Is this app supported on iPhones?

Yes, this app is supported by the iPhone as well as all other devices of all brands.

Q. Does this any premium feature?

This app has almost everything in its free version but the paid version is also there which allows you to have more participants in the meeting and many other premium features.


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